Are you a vegan business looking to grow your customer base? Vegan Business Growth is hosting a very special event to give you the opportunity to connect with other vegan businesses and learn from our professional industry speakers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the scene and kicking off a venture, or you’re an established company wanting to expand your reach, this unique networking event will teach you all about how to reach wider audiences of plant-based customers!

Who Are Vegan Business Growth?

Vegan Business Growth is a subsidiary of Boyd Digital. We’re a team of Glasgow-based digital marketing and SEO experts that want to help you grow your vegan or sustainable business online.

Come and chat with us at the event and learn more about how we can help optimise your online presence!

Our Vegan Industry Expert Speakers

We’re incredibly excited to announce our line-up of industry expert speakers for this event. We have a great variety of speakers from a range of vegan and sustainable companies coming to speak about how they started their organisations, the products they offer, and how they grew their companies into what they are now. Some of the speakers coming include:

Panther Milk – Panther Milk is a Glasgow-based company offering an exciting range of vegan cocktails inspired by the classic Spanish drink ‘Leche De Pantera’. It’s been an incredibly exciting last few years for Panther Milk, having appeared on the famous ‘Dragons Den’ television show and having opened one of the most highly-anticipated pop-up bars in Glasgow before taking their business online. Come and hear all about their cocktail endeavours at the event!

Paisley Drinks Co – The Paisley Drinks Co are leaders of the real soda revolution. They create a range of fantastic soda drinks using naturally sourced ingredients and pure Scottish water. They’ll be speaking at our event to tell you all about their sustainable sourcing and how they create products that offer a healthy (yet, incredibly tasty) alternative to big-name sodas.

Liquid Oats Co – The Liquid Oats Co are a Glasgow-based liquor business producing a Scottish vegan cream liqueur made from condensed oat milk and a premium blend of specially selected whisky. They’ll discuss the vegan drinks industry and what it takes to launch an exciting new product in today’s vegan market!

Vegan Society – The Vegan Society is a leading authority on all things vegan in the UK. They were founded over 75 years ago and continue to offer advice and information on vegan diets and their sustainability and health benefits. You’ve probably seen their Vegan Trademark plastered on vegan-certified products across the country. Come and find out how you get your product certified as vegan and what this can mean for your business.

Smartly Charging – Smartly Charging is a UK-based company providing top-notch charging solutions for electrified vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters. They also supply solar panels and roof tiles for homes and businesses in a continued effort to encourage more sustainable energy solutions. They’ll speak about the future of eco-friendly technology and what it takes to run a carbon-neutral, sustainably-driven business in today’s market.

There will be a chance to socialise with speakers after their talks, so don’t forget to bring along your business cards and make some lasting connections!

What Does The Vegan Business Event Include?

Tickets to the event include access to our speakers’ talks, expert advice on how to grow your business online, and some additional vegan goodies to sample!

Most importantly, this free event will offer you the chance to network with other vegan businesses, entrepreneurs, experts and creators, sharing knowledge and making important connections that could help take your vegan business to the next level.

Where is the event?

The Vegan Business Growth event is taking place at Bloc+ in Glasgow on the 1st of November at 3 pm.

Can I Book A Ticket?

Yes! If you’d like to come along to our Vegan Business event, please book a ticket in advance on Eventbrite. Tickets are completely free, but you do need to reserve your space for this exciting event.

Our event is open to all businesses who think they could benefit from some networking and top-notch advice. No matter what stage of development your idea is in, we’d love to meet you and talk about where you want to see your business go next!

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