Digital Marketing Services

Whether you want to increase conversions, drive relevant traffic to your website, or both, we can help you create integrated campaigns that deliver tangible results and give you the edge you need.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Whether you are a small business with a physical location or a global brand looking to grow your audience in fresh territories, we make it easier for your customers to find your product or service online. We craft bespoke and data-driven SEO campaigns that will improve your brand’s visibility on all major search engines, drive traffic to your website and skyrocket conversions.

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  • Site Migration
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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Bringing visitors to your site is only half of the job. Conversion optimisation ensures your site is successful at turning them into customers. We assess your sales funnel and your user experience, helping you fix any problem areas and maximize the effectiveness of your website in converting visitors into paying customers.

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Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Anyone can set up a Google Ads account, but creating high-quality, performant campaigns is far from being a simple task. Boyd Digital is a Certified Google Partner, meaning that you can have peace of mind knowing your campaign is in the hands of professionals.

We can help you reduce your Cost per Click (CPC) on existing campaigns, as well as increase your Click-through Rate (CTR), but most importantly – we can help you boost your sales. Through an extensive website audit, we assess factors such as user experience, site errors and code quality & structure, to provide actionable recommendations that will deliver great value from your digital investment.

Site Speed Optimisation

Using a variety of traditional and data-driven research techniques, we identify key market challenges and opportunities as well as customer insights that will form the backbone of your strategy. By taking a deep dive into your customers’ online behaviour, motivations, and preferences; we develop effective marketing tactics aimed at winning them over and bringing profit to your business.

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Social Media Marketing

We help you build both organic and paid social media campaigns that will grow your business and engage your followers – whether that’s through effective Facebook ads, by targeting specific interest groups within LinkedIn campaigns, or from gaining deeper insights into your wider social media campaigns through detailed social media audits.

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