Data Analytics & Reporting Services

With so many channels and touchpoints generating information about customers’ online behaviour, utilising digital analytics to make sense of all the data has never been more important.

Why are data analytics so important?

Poor analytics configuration often results in inaccurate and incomplete data. Businesses that rely on false data for making important decisions are hurting their company’s performance on a massive scale, wasting their own time and resources. 

Here, at Boyd Digital, we enable you to make better business decisions using quantifiable intelligence.

From identifying your KPIs and setting up conversion tracking, to reporting and fine-tuning your campaigns, we can help you maximise the effectiveness and ROI of all your digital marketing efforts.

Make Informed Decisions

Data enables you to make better strategic marketing decisions; investing in the initiatives that deliver and cutting costs where necessary.

Predict Consumer Behaviour

By monitoring the relative change in keyword frequencies you can identify and predict trends in customer behavior and align your marketing strategy accordingly.

Optimise Campaign Efforts

Having the right tools and data makes it possible to optimise your marketing campaigns so that they deliver the right offer at the right time, leading to increased sales.

Data Analytics & Reporting Services

Google Analytics Health Check  

The Google Analytics Health Check is a comprehensive audit, presented in a simple and easy-to-understand way, that shows you what is installed and configured correctly and what isn’t. The audit also provides recommendations for fixing any issues on your account based on tested best practices.

Google Analytics Set-up, Management & Troubleshooting

We ensure that all Google Analytics and Tag Manager snippets are installed, traffic is being tracked properly, internal IPs are being filtered, event and goal tracking is setup and correct, attribution is accounted for and tracked, and business tools are integrated correctly with GA and GTM.

Campaign Performance Reporting

We provide you with comprehensive monthly reports of paid advertising campaigns across all channels, showing you exactly what you need to tweak in your strategy to further increase campaign effectiveness and start seeing the desired results.

Website Activity Reporting

We develop custom website performance reports that help you gain clear visibility into how your target audiences are experiencing your website and engaging with your content.

Multi-Step Conversion and E-commerce Tracking

Enhanced E-commerce analytics allows you to assess the performance of on-site promotions, identify products with untapped potential and run reports on items that visitors remove from their basket. We can help you activate this must-have feature by setting up custom e-commerce tracking on GA and providing you with the insights you need.

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