Pay-Per-Click Management Services (Google Certified)

We place your business in the right places and at the exact time when your potential customers are ready to buy.

Immediate Results 

PPC ads can put you on the first page for a given search term within a day. 

Measurable ROI

You can assign a direct cost of each visit to your website.

Brand Awareness 

Search ads can boost brand awareness by as much as 80%.

Why Paid Search Matters

PPC is one of the most cost-effective and measurable forms of advertising for any business. It provides your brand with immediate visibility in the search results right when potential buyers are looking to make a purchase; boosting your chances of securing conversions and sales. 

But with thousands of advertisers trying for top rankings on the same keywords, ad quality and effective targeting become pivotal to success. 

Working with a PPC management agency such as Boyd Digital provides you with the professional support you need to fine-tune your campaigns for optimal results. 

Whether it’s Paid Social, or Paid Search through Google Ads, Display advertising or Remarketing, we can help you choose the right platforms, define your target audiences and craft campaigns with industry-leading success.  

Our Recent PPC Work

One of the UK’s leading business water suppliers

Utilising both retargeting and display adverts, we developed several targeted PPC campaigns which helped to reduce wasted spend, improve CPC and increase conversions.


increase in clicks YoY


boost in total conversions YoY


Reduction in avg. CPC YoY

Our Pay-Per-Click Services

PPC Audit

Our PPC audit digs deep into your existing Google Ads campaigns, looking at your accounts structure, budget management, bidding strategy, network & device performance, and more to discover specific areas that need improvement.

Remarketing & Retargeting

PPC remarketing helps you make more of your existing website traffic and gain business that might previously have been lost. By targeting audiences who have already shown interest in your product or service, remarketing creates huge opportunities for conversion, often at a much lower cost than other forms of digital advertising.

Google Ads

Whether you wish to grow your online visibility, increase brand awareness or generate more online sales and ROI, our certified team is well-experienced in crafting high-performing campaigns across Search, Shopping, Display, and Video, achieving the best results possible.

Bing Ads

While Bing often tends to be ignored by a lot of advertisers due to its market share among search engines, it is still one of the biggest search engines in use today, so there is a captive audience. At Boyd Digital, we are experienced with managing Bing accounts with the aim of achieving strategic online placements and advertising your business to targeted audiences.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a relatively cheap method of exposing your brand to large numbers of relevant audiences through Google’s contextual advertising network, the Google Display Network and YouTube. By designing a visually pleasing creative, carefully selecting the websites where your ads will appear, and bidding intelligently, we’ll structure the campaign to deliver optimal results from day 1.

Google Shopping

Put your products in front of the people who are ready to buy through Google’s own Shopping network, and drive incremental performance across your product inventory. We optimise your Shopping ads and make them even more prominent for the searcher, by separating Shopping campaigns into the most profitable groupings of products, launching Promotion Extensions and reporting on any changes or updates.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Similar to other paid search platforms, Amazon Sponsored Ads offers to search products, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. We’ll work with you to select the products you want to advertise, research and identify the most relevant keywords and product categories, and then set up well-performing Amazon Sponsored Ads that drive return on investment.

Paid Social

With advanced targeting options, allowing you to segment your audience down to the microscopic level, paid social promotes your product exactly to the people who want to hear from you. Combining years of experience with algorithmic targeting and data-driven optimisation, we can help you reach optimal conversion with Paid Social advertising.

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