Talent Wellbeing Policy

Creating Results Without Costing The Earth

Talent Wellbeing / Environmental Policy:

At Boyd Digital, our staff well-being policy is a way to encourage, inspire and support ourselves and our team members. We aim to greatly focus on our amazingly talented staff through our activities, working practices and use of office materials. By adopting this policy, we are committed to being known as a responsible employer who supports the well-being of all our staff members.

We want to ensure our staff can achieve a healthy and happy work-life balance. We recognise that our staff may encounter issues affecting their workplace for health, personal, and work-related reasons. We support our staff greatly and have provided this strategy to encourage and facilitate work practices and areas to support employee well-being.

If you work for us or are a visitor, we believe you deserve to be treated with respect. Our staff well-being policy creates a culture of dignity and respect for all our employees, clients and visitors.

Here are some of the principles we have in place within our agency:

  • We’re all human, and with that comes imperfection. We all have our issues, and no one is perfect. Our staff well-being policy is designed to instil an environment of trust and acceptance within the agency so that if you come across a colleague operating under duress, out of their comfort zone or generally struggling, you’ll feel comfortable enough to reach out to them, or in extreme situations alert Lorna. Our goal here is to enable a thriving workplace and give staff the freedom to talk about their well-being issues.
  • All our staff are entitled to food and drink as part of their salary package. Staff can enjoy healthy snacks & drinks throughout the day while working hard to build a fantastic agency together.
  • To support the health and well-being of our people, we are investing in initiatives to enhance staff engagement, including events and activities that help bring teams together outside of work.
  • We know that well-being issues may lead to time off work or leaving our agency; however, we will support the employee no matter what and encourage them to stay with us. It is in our best interest that our employee is happy and comfortable within the workplace.
  • As a company, we treat all information confidentially unless it is necessary to go further than this.
  • Boyd Digital is a diverse workplace, and we encourage all to apply for a career with us regardless of age, gender, or religion.
  • As the most highly skilled and sought-after individuals in their field, we believe SEO professionals should be at their happiest and healthiest. As such, Boyd Digital supports the well-being of our employees and encourages our staff to be positive role models within our company. A team that is happier and healthier will have a great impact on the success of our agency and shape the future of this industry where the importance of well-being is remembered and sustained

Furthering our Policy – Within our Glasgow office based in Bath Street, we aim to use as many sustainable, if not Vegan, products to help our working environment and staff too.

We can not escape the use of plastic in everything we do at Boyd Digital, But we can try wherever we can. We have manifested this by using eco-friendly Cheeky Panda toilet rolls, Recycled Notepads and recycling cardboard bins for our staff to use at all times, keeping waste to a minimum.

We also operate a rotational hybrid working system to lower our daily energy usage. If you did not think this was enough, we also every month, improve our office surroundings, finding new products that are sustainable and have the bonus of being vegan.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Cheeky Panda Toilet roll
  • Recycled Notepads
  • NOBL WATR – Spring Water on a Mission
  • Bamboo Kitchen Roll
  • Reusable plates/forks/knives within our kitchen
  • Eco-Friendly office Stationary – Sticky Notes
  • SnackFully – Every time we order Vegan/Non-Vegan products, they plant a tree!

Finally, we have donated our unused Computer screens and networking cables to Garnock Community Campus, Ayrshire, this month to stop them from going to landfills and reusing them!

Sound good? If you are interested in a career, or in working with us, be sure to reach out to us. We are more than happy to help!