Sustainable business practices are imperative to enabling not only individual companies to attract customers and growth, but also the whole economy and society to thrive. With this in mind, we are extremely proud to see that many of our clients are already actively integrating sustainability principles into their business models, thereby helping address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Star Refrigeration Lead The Way to Sustainable Refrigeration

Star Refrigeration is one of the UK’s largest independent cooling and heating contractors. As such, they are constantly pushing forward the boundaries of eco-friendly refrigeration through innovation.

Most recently, they launched their new range of eco-friendly, industrial CO2 refrigeration packages, geared toward smaller-scale industrial applications. The Envi range is one of the industry’s first industrial CO2 refrigeration solutions, offering an ideal alternative to existing ammonia refrigeration systems and synthetic HFC refrigerants.

As a natural refrigerant, the C02 gas is non-flammable, less toxic, and causes extremely little harm to the environment, if it is accidentally released from the refrigeration system. On top of being more sustainable, the Envi range products further benefit from enhanced energy efficiency and easier maintenance.

Aside from developing sustainable refrigeration solutions, Star also are committed to helping cold storage facility owners optimise energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint through a “six-stage” roadmap.

Skinsider Take A Planet-Conscious Approach To Beauty

Another client of ours who is making promising headway towards sustainability is the natural cosmetics distributor, Skinsider.

From eco-friendly production methods to cruelty-free vegan formulas, recyclable containers and packaging, the company is taking determined steps to reduce the adverse effects on our planet.

Skinsider Eco-friendly Sustainable Packaging

With sustainability at its heart, the Skinsider brand is committed to improving the world as well as your skin & hair, with a wealth of eco-projects. The brand works solely with companies that offer high-quality and 100% cruelty-free Korean cosmetics, meaning there’s no need to worry about the safety of the products.

Castle Water Embed Sustainability Into Their Culture

Castle Water is the UK’s leading independent business water supplier, servicing more than 350,000 customers, including charities and public bodies.

Corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship are at the centre of Castle Water’s mission and corporate identity.

The company’s Environmental Policy sets targets for reducing their employees’ emissions while travelling to and from Castle Water’s offices, operating a recycling scheme, actively promoting sustainable practices through their supply chain, and educating their customers on water efficiency and water waste management.

Sgaia Go Vegan To Go Green

Shopping for healthy, responsibly produced food can be a challenge. However, companies such as our client, Sgaia, have made their business out of offering tasty cruelty-free vegan food products that prioritise the health of their customers and the environment.

They have made it their missions to “unite individuals in order to enable change” and “help promote environmental awareness” in the food industry.

Sgaia's Vegan & Plant-Based Meat Recyclable and Sustainable Packaging

Sgaia are also motivated to educate the public on the environmental impact of their food choices and how taking up a plant-based diet can help the planet. It has been widely reported that if people eat more plant-based foods, emissions could be cut by up to 80%. Knowing this, Sgaia are doing their bit to get this message across and help consumers adopt more sustainable lifestyle habits.

Bawbags Are All About Sustainability With Comfort At Its Heart

Bawbags are pretty obsessed with designing super-soft underwear that also makes the world a better place. This socially conscious brand is on a mission to have every single pair made from either recycled polyester or super soft organic cotton.

In fact, since 2020 all of Bawbags’ pieces for the Cool De Sacs range are made from recycled plastic bottles. On top of this, with every Bawbags purchase, you are making a valuable contribution to amazing charities supporting good causes.

With a minimal footprint and maximum comfort, Bawbags are truly helping those who want a pair of boxers feel good knowing that they’re investing in a business that’s protecting our planet!

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