Inner Circle: Private Community Social Media Network

Foster genuine relationships and make a meaningful difference within your community using Inner Circle — the straightforward, highly adaptable community engagement platform.

All the tools you require to engage and unite your community are encompassed in one communication platform with Inner Circle.

With more than 70% of shoppers beginning their purchase journey on a search engine, it has never been more crucial for your e-commerce store to have a strong presence on Google.


Your community branded all-in-one hub

Craft a unique digital hub that resonates with your community. Inner Circle offers a distinctive platform complete with a custom URL, visual branding, to dedicated mobile apps. Elevate your engagement tactics with an array of top-tier features, all conveniently located in one centralized location.


Customizable, flexible, impactful

Adaptable, dynamic, and effective – just like the diverse and ever-changing nature of communities. Inner Circle’s exceptional versatility and depth make it an ideal partner for both current needs and future growth. With this platform, you’re equipped to evolve without limits.


Prioritizing Engagement Innovation

At Boyd Digital, innovation is at our core. We partner with leading brands across various industries, embracing a wide range of applications. This approach ensures we consistently offer the most advanced and influential solutions available.


Personalized, Human-Centric Support

Benefit from our all-encompassing assistance and community development advice, meticulously put together by a dedicated team of onboarding specialists, community strategists, and design experts, all provided with a sincere, human-focused approach.

Inner Circle Community Examples

Judo Connect

Judo Specific Social Network

  • 534 UK Judo Clubs On-Board
  • 30,000 Posts in the First Month
  • Positive impact on the Judo Club membership engagment
Visit: Judo Connect

Betta Fish Talk

Specialist Tropical Fish Social Network

  • Multi Language Support
  • Over 1000 Videos Hosted
  • Over 10,000 Inmages Hosted
Visit: Betta Fish Talk

Create Your Own Branded Community Social Network with Inner Circle

Inner Circle empowers you to build your own social networking website for any type of community, anywhere across the globe, delivering exceptional quality and impressive functionality.

Contemporary Interface Design:

Featuring a user-friendly, sleek, and intuitive interface, Inner Circle ensures an improved and enjoyable experience for your users.

User Following Feature:

Inner Circle allows users to follow others, enabling them to see these users' posts in their feed, as well as manage their own list of followers.

Cloud Storage Compatibility:

Inner Circle seamlessly integrates with Amazon and Wasabi cloud storage services, enhancing the performance of your social network.

Social Media Integration for Login:

Inner Circle enables users to log in using their accounts from Facebook, Google, Discord, Instagram, LinkedIn, and VKontakte, offering easy access through various social platforms.

Monetize with Inner Circle:

Generate revenue through diverse methods such as paid subscriptions, displaying ads on your site, Google AdSense integration, and more.

Robust Publishing Platform:

Inner Circle offers your users the ability to share a wide range of content, including photos, videos, polls, GIFs, audio files, documents, and the use of #hashtags, among others.

Multiple Payment Options Supported:

Inner Circle accommodates a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, AliPay, RazorPay, bank transfers, credit cards, and others, providing users with flexible payment options.

Efficient Messaging Feature:

Inner Circle boasts a powerful messaging system, enabling swift communication with friends and the ability to share photos, videos, and audio messages.
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