The search engine optimisation (SEO) industry is often shrouded in mystery for those who don’t work in it day in and day out. Whether you’ve only ever dabbled in SEO or whether you take on freelance work, you might wonder what a day in the life of an executive might look like within an agency.

At Boyd Digital, we are an agency of professionals that bring our customers valuable solutions to their SEO problems – and this article acts as a window into the life of our team’s day-to-day.

If you are looking to get into SEO and are wondering what an average day looks like, this is the place for you!

What Are The Different Positions Within An SEO Agency?

To fully understand the day-to-day of an executive, we need to delve into the different positions an SEO agency will have. Most agencies will employ:

  • Technical SEO experts
  • Content strategists
  • Content writers
  • PPC experts
  • Account managers (not an SEO-specific role)
  • Web developers
  • Social media marketers
  • Backlinking experts
  • HR managers (not an SEO-specific role)
  • High-level executives (again, not an SEO-specific role)

What is common in smaller agencies will be to outsource roles that are critical to brand development but not specifically organic SEO – for example, web developers or PPC advertising experts.

What Is Boyd Digital’s Work Culture Like?

At the heart of the work culture is Boyd Digital’s focus on creating a friendly environment that keeps morale high.

From the Ping Pong table to drinks on a Friday afternoon, including the various nights and lunches paid for by the top brass, the work culture at Boyd Digital is as supportive as it is exciting. 

That’s not mentioning the free soft drinks, coffee, and snacks in the office (with plenty of vegan options available).

Be it fantastic opportunities to grow in a fun and vibrant workplace to light-hearted office chat, describing the workplace in Boyd Digital as relaxed would be doing it a dis-service.

There are also fantastic opportunities to expand your professional skill set through weekly informal Q&A sessions with the Senior Team and Management Team to address any gaps in knowledge. That isn’t mentioning the training modules and the approachable demeanour of everyone that works for the company.

What Does The Day-To-Day Look Like For SEO Executives?

While individuals will have their set roles within an SEO agency, it is not uncommon for tasks to crossover or overlap. This tends to occur when the needs of a client change or new clients are brought on board. 

For example, it isn’t a rare occurrence that a technical SEO team member with some writing experience may be asked to write a blog article. Likewise, a content writer may be asked to help with meta information such as meta titles and meta descriptions.

Working in an SEO agency is a fluid role, and your day-to-day may change as the needs of the business change.

Stewart of Boyd Digital commented:

“When I started, I was an SEO executive that handled some technical SEO and some writing on the side. Now, over a year in, I primarily handle the content.”

Understanding that your role will forever be changing is a vital part of working in the field of SEO. 

Annick of Boyd Digital added:

“[My duties] are really very varied… I can do a lot of jumping back and forth between technical work, various types of research, and paid marketing like Facebook and PPC.”

“Some days, urgent ad hoc requests come in from all angles… other times, it really just depends on the priorities and planned tasks for the day.”

Daria, another member of the Boyd Digital Team, said:

“The day-to-day can vary depending on priorities, but mainly [my work consists of] technical work required for my assigned clients or pitching in with the content team.”

Are Boyd Digital Hiring?

Boyd Digital is always looking for creatives to join its growing team in the heart of Glasgow. All of our current vacancies can be found on our careers page, and you can get an idea of all the services we offer here.

Our roles are as diverse as they are rewarding, with positions such as Technical SEO Executives, Account managers, Backlinking Specialists, PR specialists, Graphic Designers, and Copywriters being among our team.

If you think you’d be a great fit for Boyd Digital, then we want to hear from you!

To Conclude

Life in an SEO agency can often be fast-paced but rewarding with its variety. Important takeaways are:

  • Roles are often fluid
  • Planning your priorities at the start of the day can help provide essential structure
  • No two days will ever be the same

It isn’t for everyone but can be a rewarding career for those that thrive in fast-paced working environments.

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