Most of us use social media pretty frequently whether for work or in our personal lives but we will all have a few ‘friends’ that post the kind of things that makes you want to swing a shovel at them. Here are 10 of my own personal hates that you might want to avoid if you don’t want to be unfriended or unfollowed.

  1. Constant Quizzers
    I’m not going to lie, every so often I want to find out what dinosaur I would have been if I was in Jurassic Park or how many chocolate bars I can Identify out the packet but if you are constantly sharing quizzes about when you will die, what flower you are or which member of New Kids on the Block you would be (they’re still hip right?), stop it.
  2. Kid Sharers
    I don’t care about your child, either going to school, getting a good report or whatever else the grubby faced urchins are up to. If I was that interested I would have one of my own. Save it for your family newsletter, now give it a rest because I’ve got photos of my cats I need to share!
  3. Gym Bunnies
    Really? You Went to the gym? You lifted several kilos? I don’t care, I don’t even know what a kilo is, I’m British tell me in Stones and Pounds (never just pounds) or better still keep it to yourself along with your protein powder and ‘gains’.
  4. Accent Typers
    A hink fowk typin lyk this is tha wurst! It doesn’t translate, it makes it difficult to read about your weekend drinking buckfast and it makes you look like some kind of buffoon so give it a rest.
  5. Share This, Share That
    If you post a photo of an ill child the likes don’t make them better. The intentions may be innocent and well placed but it’s a total nonsense. As for every primary school teacher in history posting a photo of themselves as an ‘experiment’ to show their class how quickly something can go viral, it only needed to be done once.
  6. Disgusting Sharers
    Why would I want to watch a video of someone popping spots or look at a video of human faeces. Do not share these things, is there something wrong with you?
  7. I, the Undersigned, Hereby Renounce Facebooks Rights…
    Every so often there will be a flurry of activity as people post statements declaring that they refuse to hand over their civil liberties to Facebook, Twitter etc and that their photos and privacy shall remain intact. Facebook doesn’t care and neither do I!
  8. OMG I was So Drunk
    If you are a grown up and you are still boasting about getting drunk and having a hangover you need to give yourself a shake. You don’t have “The Fear” you are just a moron.
  9. I’m Sharing This to Raise Awareness About My Face
    Awareness campaigns that sweep through social media pretty much just serve to pander to people’s vanity. Very little awareness about the illness or disease is passed on by you sharing photos of yourself and not even mentioning it.
  10. The Fake Ghandi
    If you spend 50% of your time talking about how spiritual, deep and enlightened you are then the other 50% about clubbing and ‘Lad Banter’ chances are you are not the next Ghandi or Mother Theresa.

I am sure I could think up a load more but these will do for now. I would also like to put in a disclaimer that if I do any of these it’s ok.

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