Our previous post was all about making a presence for your brand using social media. Engaging with potential customers through your profiles is a personal way to make sure you create a positive impact and can track individual experiences. In this post, we thought we’d sure some quick tips to help improve your relationship with customers and help create a better profile for yourself.

Original Content
If you’re planning on posting content make sure it’s something original. Many companies make the mistake of hopping on the bandwagon of using trends long after users, especially younger people, are burned out by them. Even today you’ll see companies use ‘Keep Calm And…’ posts to try and gain exposure. Even if it’s a funny photo you’ve taken or something cool you want to show off, make sure that it will scream originality as well as being timely.


Show Off Your Brand
Has your company recently won an award? Are customers giving you great reviews on other sites? Share these achievements with your followers. Any positive signs are great signals for anyone casually browsing your profile, showing that you excel in your field.

Don’t Bandwagon
A hashtag trend usually has a lifespan of 8 hours. If you’re seeing hashtags pop up in your feed from yesterday, you’re already going to be too late to join in with the conversation at play. You don’t want to seem like you’re playing catchup so don’t use them #liberally.

If someone leaves a glowing recommendation on your page or highlights something good you’ve done then you bet you’re going to have it shared. This is the new word of mouth and it is a key tool in helping others decide if your company is worth taking time to look at.

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