‘So I sort of help websites perform better online in order for them to increase revenue.’ It’s the boilerplate answer I commonly use whenever someone asks what exactly I do at my job. Of course an answer like this leads anyone down an avenue of even more questions like ‘What does Google have to do with it?/ But how does a website work?/ Is it to do with computers?’ etc.

If you have troubles like this, time to bookmark this post because I’ve went and found the best videos on YouTube that best describe the simpler aspects of SEO and what everyone should know about how running a business nowadays involves at least a little bit of effort in understanding how consumer bases have shifted drastically to online platforms.

To know how to make a website work you’ll need to know how a search engine works. This video can explain that:

Don’t know how to make a website? Then not to worry. We made a video showing how to set up a WordPress website.

Now that you know that, let’s look at what exactly SEO is, how it works and why it is important.

You should know what backlinks are. We will often look at a site’s backlink profile to see how healthy the site is and whether it has been seen as spammy or good by a search engine. This basic video explains it pretty well.

Backlinks are essentially the bonds that strengthen a website, but a lot of work has to be carried out on a website too. One of the ways this is done is by checking the condition of metadata. This includes the page titles, descriptions and heading tags. If you’ve never heard of metadata, watch this.

One way you can improve how a search engine can understand what your site is and what is does is through the use of schema markups added in to the site. If you disregard the fact the guy in this video is ready for Christmas, you’ll learn something about schema.

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