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increase in rankings for baking keywords


increases in rankings for comic-related keywords

The Client

My Collection Shop is part of Eaglemoss Collections, a traditionally off line company that enables huge entertainment brands such as Marvels, DC, James Bond, Disney and many more international entertainment brands to increase brand awareness via non-traditional channels by Partwork.

Partwork is written magazines released as a series over a period of time, containing a series of niche products or item parts to build a model or models.

In moving with the times, Eaglemoss has given Partwork a new lease of life by taking the traditional offline business and intertwining it into today’s digital world by creating My Collection Shop, an online portal where collectors can purchase items from magazine issues they may have missed.

The Challenge

Develop an online platform to sell back issues of multiple publications, then create a solid stream of natural search traffic based on the quality of the publications and products in order to maximise leverage of exclusive licences such as Doctor Who, Marvel and DC comics.

The Strategy

Migrate SEO value from previous online store which was on a subdomain of the main corporate website.  Developed and implemented content architecture and strategy, allowing our blogger outreach team to start discussions on key forums and reach out to authoritative online figures in all of Eaglemoss’s markets.

The Results

Mycollectionshop.com was successfully launched in place of the previous online store, without losing any SEO authority that had been built up over the years.  Natural traffic has increased between 15 and 25% every month of the campaign and now contributes to over 10,000 visits every month.

Natural search is a channel that we can really rely on to deliver traffic. Other online channels fluctuate in line with magazine release schedules and television campaigns. However natural search keeps growing as more and more new customers find our content and products.

Emma ThackaraHead of Digital Marketing