Cost of Living and energy prices… two topics that are in the headlines for all the wrong reasons right now!
80% of homes in the United Kingdom are set to see big increases in electric and gas bills before winter. With purse strings tightening, more and more people are looking for ways to balance their budgets.

The keyword ‘help with energy bills’ currently receives around 4.7k monthly searches in the UK. That’s a surprising amount and opens up various possibilities for businesses in the energy industry!

If you’re in the Energy industry and want to claim a spot on Google’s first results page, we recommend focusing on the following:

Improve Your Online Engagement – Ranking 1st in Google with this keyword would drive around 30k visitors per month. This projection also accounts for potential visitors driven by semantically related keywords.

Create at least 2,200+ words of SEO Content targeting the keyword ‘helping with energy bills’.

Maintain and grow your site’s authority by developing high-quality backlinks from at least 166 referring domains to your target page.
Work on the technical SEO aspects of your website, such as metadata, internal linking, and indexability.

Improve your desktop & mobile site speed to more than 84 and 57 to better your chances of reaching the top 10 listings.

By improving these FIVE areas mentioned above, you can increase your ranking position on Google while achieving a competitive advantage over lower-ranking websites. As a direct result, you can improve your conversion rate and secure more lightning sales!

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