In recent times, working from home or hybrid working models have now become more feasible and common for all kinds of companies across the globe. In fact, right here in the UK, around 60% of adult workers switched to working from home during the pandemic. 

However, out of all the sectors that have adopted this kind of working model, the digital-based companies of the world seem to have championed hybrid working models. Many of these firms – Boyd Digital included – have made hybrid working the go-to model for their employees over more traditional office working environments.

COVID-19 was, of course, the driving force behind this change. Our workplaces changed out of necessity rather than through choice. But while this was a difficult time for many for a variety of reasons, we learned as a society that working from home was indeed possible in the long term and that much of the scepticism around employee productivity was not grounded in hard facts.

But why has this change stayed, and what has it been like for the people living it every day? Let’s explore these ideas with Boyd Digital’s own employees that work from home!

Why Working From Home Is Good For Business

It really boils down to one word: productivity. For everyone alive today, most of our working past has involved a commute to an office space where you can bask in the home-work divide. In fact, before the first ever lockdown, it was estimated that only around 1.54 million people worked from home in the UK and that ten years ago, this figure was only a measly 884,000.

A work-from-home model makes employees more productive because it helps them:

  • Control their environment
  • Cut out the commute time 
  • Cut down on daily expenses (up to £44.78 per week on average)

Just to name a few main considerations. But these benefits have a variety of positive knock-on effects such as fewer carbon emissions from commuting or improving health and wellbeing with more sleep. 

Boyd Digital’s own Head of Growth, Cheryl Adamson, talks about her move to working from home and its benefits:

“I feel extremely lucky that I have the flexibility of working from my converted steel container garden office; I created [it] sustainably with repurposed materials. My commute is a walk down my path”.

And Daria Jasczc, an SEO Executive at Boyd Digital, added:

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to work from home as the flexibility allows me to be home for deliveries or to have that extra few minutes in bed when needed… Hybrid working is appreciated as you feel more trusted by your employer to decide what set-up works best for you.”

But working from home can often come with downsides too, which leads us onto;

What Are The Challenges Of Working From Home?

Primarily, the challenges of working from home can range from having an adequate set-up to working from home efficiently and the mental strain that a lack of social interaction can have. For example, it was found that 1 in 5 remote workers experienced struggling with loneliness as a result of working from home most of the day.

Both Daria and Cheryl expressed this in their interview on work-from-home life, with Cheryl commenting:

“The only downside is I miss engaging with the team and the daily buzz of our office (Enticingly, It’s always jam-packed with lots of yummy vegan snacks on offer, too), so I head and work from there; at least one day each week.”

While Daria adding:

“However, as I don’t have a great work-from-home set up due to the size of my flat, I prefer working in the office where I have a great desk and two screens set up… As I’m currently still training in my role, speaking to the team face to face has been invaluable in my learning journey. I know it’s more than possible to conduct training online, but I’ve found it easier to turn around in the moment and ask questions.”

From training to social interaction to forming valuable working relationships – it seems that working from home can make people more productive; it can be beneficial for some personality types to have a bit of both.

To Conclude

Hybrid working from home models can be greatly beneficial and proficient if implemented correctly. We at Boyd Digital went through the process of figuring out what would work best for each individual and helping them tailor their work schedule to match.

As a company that has always had remote working as an option, we’re glad to see it becoming more of a norm than an added perk in work environments across the world.

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