increase in avg. monthly site traffic


increase in rankings for generic keywords


increase in rankings for product-related keywords

The Client

Auchentoshan, part of Morrison Bowmore Distillers is a famous lowlands Scotch whisky located on the outskirts of Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire and is also known as ‘Glasgow’s Malt Whisky’ due to the distilleries closeness to Scotland’s largest city.

Built way back in 1800, and is 1 of 6 lowland Scottish whisky distillers, Auchentoshan is most famous for being the only whisky distiller in Scotland to have a third still, triple distilling all its whisky. This process makes their whisky a more delicate and sweet flavoured Scotch than most other Scotch whisky’s, giving it the tagline as being ‘the breakfast whisky’ among whisky enthusiasts.

The Strategy

Auchentoshan wanted to extend their reach to international markets. They also wanted to outrank re-sellers and supermarkets in search results for product terms.

We carried out both a technical and a content audit in order to identify quick wins for the client. As a result, a medium to long term strategy was also born.

The Results

Once onsite recommendations were put in place parallel with our link development strategy the website quickly started to dominate search engine results pages (particular Google) for product terms. We also significantly increased traffic from foreign countries.