July 24, 2014 Rosie Boswell

XXth Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

So a common (see what we did there?!) theme of our non-businessy blogs has always been sports, which we are definitely big fans of at Boyd Digital. (It does help that we have a projector and cinema style seating at Boyd Digital Towers.) We’ve met Scottish Commonwealth boxer Charlie Flynn and we’ve waved the baton by, so the Commonwealth spirit is high! So that smoothly leads us on to the XXth Commonwealth Games in Glasgow of course. (We may have mentioned it once or twice before).

comwe2Now Glasgow has been spruced up and there is definitely a party atmosphere (well even more of one!) pervading the city with flowers, bunting and festivities taking place throughout. Even better, the weather has been kind with upwards of 25degrees – thank you Scottish summer for getting it right for once! (Hope foreign athletes didn’t bring too many wet weather clothes as it looks to be sunny throughout the Games).

It has also been mentioned before by me, that I am lucky enough to be a backstage volunteer at the closing ceremony of the Games. This role does come with its perks as I manage to nab two tickets for the dress rehearsal on Monday.

comwe5Sworn to secrecy until now, when the whole world will have seen it last night, I can now wax lyrical about it. So it kicks off with John Barrowman singing homage to Scotland (who knew that we invented marmalade) and descends into a whirlwind of partying madness, which included the Red Arrows flying over the stadium in formation, dancing Tunnock’s teacakes and pipers of course.

Now there’ll be plenty of people analysing the actual show, but for me the best part was the athletes’ parade. In my opinion they organised that brilliantly by doing it by continent accompanied by music from the area. The Caribbean had to win that one though since they started out to Shaggy’s classic ‘Mr Boombastic’. Plus the athletes are what it’s all about, representation togetherness via professional sport. Add to that the 41 Scottie dogs used to lead in the athletes and you have history.comwe4

The Queen’s Baton journey was another highlight, especially since it was shown to fly in the yellow Loch Lomond water-plane which is basically something straight out of Indiana Jones. (At the rehearsal it was represented by a water bottle!)As was the ‘Come In, It’s Nice To See You’ dj remix by Dumfries native Calvin Harris. Loved how that scene started out on the largest screen ever assembled in Europe.

One thing that was/is really different about this Commonwealth Games opening ceremony is that it was teamed up with UNICEF in order to raise money for under-privileged children across the globe. It’s such a great idea that I hope other big sporting events take note!

So aside from Scotland’s hideous athlete’s parade uniforms (sorry but they are truly awful – lucky the actual sports kits are nice, which is the main thing) this Games looks set to be a hit! #BringItOn

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