July 10, 2014 Rosie Boswell

XXth Commonwealth Games – Glasgow

As a digital marketing agency in Glasgow, we are appreciating the efforts that the city is putting into the XXth Commonwealth Games; we may have mentioned it once or twice before, but have we mentioned that one of our very own at Boyd Digital Towers is volunteering backstage for the opening and closing ceremonies?! Namely me.

Now I can’t tell you anything about what we are doing as that would spoil the fun and surprise for everyone, but I can tell you what the Commonwealth Games means to me and the great city of Glasgow.

Glasgow has been re-vitalised for the Games. Since its first regeneration after the sadness of the end of its ship-building days had passed, Glasgow has constantly been on the up, having won the prestigious European City of Culture (Kulchur?) in 1990, it is now well known for its amazing city centre architecture, impressive shopping and of course the ever friendly spirit of the city.

So what changes have taken place to the city? There has of course been a large scale spring clean of Glasgow to make sure it is spruced up and looking its best. Professional street artists from all around the Commonwealth nations have livened up dingy street corners, Commonwealth banners bedeck the city streets, and there’s a huge pop up Commonwealth superstore on George’s Square, as well as a huge flower figure of the Games mascot, Clyde at the entrance to Kelvingrove Museum.

And what has the Commonwealth meant to me other than a shedload of athletes descending on Glasgow. Well I (and the other lucky intern Gary) was lucky enough to be employed at Boyd Digital thanks to the Commonwealth Graduate Fund.

The Commonwealth Graduate Fund was implemented with the idea of encouraging employers to create new graduate level jobs in and around Glasgow. Launched in November 2011, it had funding for over 1,000 jobs, of which me and Gary got 2.

As I pretty much bagged an awesome job thanks to the Commonwealth Games, and love my sports, I obviously take an incredibly positive view to the Games. Especially when added to the fact of how Glasgow is also reaping the benefits too.

That’s part of the reason that I chose to be a back-stage volunteer, simply to be involved with the excitement and spirit of the games, that I’m sure plenty of people can relate to.

So all eyes will be on Glasgow from the 23rd July to the 3rd August – don’t miss out! With a few tickets still available and extensive TV coverage, there’s no reason to.

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