June 18, 2014 Rosie Boswell

World Cup Moments So Far

So far, the 2014 World Cup has certainly been exciting, with a record amount of goals having already been scored in the opening games. So here is our run down of the most exciting moments in the competition so far as well as a few quotes from employees here at Boyd Digital who have drawn some of the teams.
First up has to be the unbelievable first goal scored in the World Cup – an own goal by Brazilian player Marcelo in the match against Croatia. Although the host nation went on to win 3-1 (ably aided by a seemingly Latino biased referee), it has to be the worst possible way to kick off the competition!

Marcello very suitably being caught horrified by his major faux-pas.

Marcello very suitably being caught horrified by his major faux-pas.

Next has to be Spain’s shocking defeat at the hands (feet?) of Netherlands, who literally destroyed them with an incredible 5-1 win. Although Spain led for the majority of the first half with an early goal, Dutch striker Van Persie managed to equalize just before the end of the first half with an incredible flying header. This was followed by goal after goal in the second half by the young Dutch team, with the once mighty Spanish side in tatters trying to desperately fight a rear-guard action. Netherlands should sail through their group with their 4 goal difference.

Van Persie

Van Persie mid-flight

Alastair drew Netherlands and France: “I have family that live in Holland so I’ve always had a soft spot for the Netherlands and as you can imagine I was quite chuffed when I drew them in the sweep stakes. So to see them completely paste the world champions who had robbed them of the cup 4 years before was brilliant. I love an underdog and I really hope this will be the Netherlands year!

Another shocker in the group games was Costa Rica’s amazing 3-1 victory over Uruguay, shaking up the whole of Group D. With Suarez sitting on the sub benches having only recently been signed off after injury, he was not brought on (perhaps just there for dramatic effect), and a lack-lustre Uruguayan side failed to deliver, leaving them in a precarious position in the group, with a strong English side now hungrier than ever for victory following their 2-1 defeat by Italy.

Stuart drew Uruguay and England: “Pretty poor start from Uruguay. With England playing pretty well against Italy in the other match I can’t see Uruguay getting through the group stages now.”

Last in our series of great world cup moments so far this Cup is Switzerland’s last minute goal against Ecuador, which gave them a 2-1 victory. Although the score sat at 1 all most of the match, as 3 minutes extra minutes were added to the game, both teams seemed determined to make the most of it by fighting to the end. Incredibly, in what has to be one of the most exciting finishes to a game, Switzerland’s Seferovic managed to push his team into the lead with less than30 seconds to go to final whistle, snatching victory.

Ross drew Switzerland and Bosnia Herzegovina: “After Switzerland’s dramatic win over Ecuador I’m confident they will make it out of the group stages despite France’s convincing win against Honduras.

So there you have it, some of the most thrilling moments that have happened in the last week since the kick-off of the World Cup. Have we missed any moments that you thought were brilliant? If so, let us know on our Twitter or Facebook pages.


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