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World Cup Marketing Case Studies

You would think marketing on any level would be easy enough. You have a product or service which you want to sell to people who will make use of that service, tell them why you are a good option and job done.

Well, anyone can tell you that it’s not as simple as that. There are many factors that you need to think bout such as who your target clientele are, who your market competitors are, how best to get your message across plus many more obstacles before you can secure the business of your targets.

Something that seems like it should be clear and simple becomes murky as soon as you look at all these different aspects, which is why a good marketing campaign whether in print, on film or online, can make or break you.

A blend of all kinds of marketing works to give the public awareness of your brand. If it is seen around in different forms of media there is an element of trust and belief that what you are doing is good. Social media has become a big part of this and allows brands to bypass conventional advertising roots to get right to their target market.

But what makes a good marketing campaign? It is important to get people’s attention, ensure it will appeal to your target audience and let people know what your product or service is. As a case Study we can look at two completely different marketing campaigns with vastly different subjects both making use of the same event.

The FIFA World Cup 2014 was big business, and with the whole world watching it was a marketers dream. There were countless campaign that took advantage of this stage but the two we will look at are for Singapore’s National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) and McDonalds.

How on earth can two vastly different campaigns use the same subject matter to target two completely different audiences? By tailoring their message to tie in with a subject that they know will be of interest, and that is one of the best skills in marketing. By making a huge talking point or event relevant to your product or service you know you can reach a wider market.

The campaigns themselves were interesting and straightforward, the NCPG used the image of a child complaining about his Father gambling his savings on a team at the World Cup and the McDonalds advert used, seemingly everyday people showing incredible football skills and tricks.

The McDonalds advert won the appreciation of its viewers who were watching  the World Cup to be entertained and see the world’s greatest players show their skills by, well, being entertaining and showing skills. As we speak the advert below has been viewed over six million times on Youtube and ties in with a further campaign where you can win prizes with your meal as well as offering a free app that will further strengthen the incredible brand recognition McDonalds already has.

Unfortunately the NCPG who chose the image below to try and make people think more about their families and seek help for any gambling problems scored a bit of an own goal, or did they? On the face of it the campaign looked set for disaster as the little boy’s Father had, in this story, gambled his savings on Germany. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks you will know that Germany won the World Cup. This sparked amusement and ridicule about the campaign as the Father looks to have made a wise, if a little lucky, decision.

Singapore World Cup Gambling Advert

Now the NCPG could have just hoped for the advert to disappear and move on with the next campaign but they realised they had got something some of the top marketing and advertising teams in the world get paid millions for by their clients, they had gone viral. This initial error in judgement has travelled around the world through, not only, social media but also through news corporations covering the story.

Sensing they could take advantage of this incredible coverage they released a sequel to the original advert where the little boys friend asks him about his savings following the win only to find out that the little boy’s Father has continued to gamble with the money.

Singapore Gambling Advert Sequel

It goes to show you that with the right interest your marketing campaigns can become great value for money. Like McDonalds you can have all the best planning and advice to ensure success or if you do need a little luck like the NCPG, having the people to spot an opportunity to capitalise can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

At Boyd Digital we have a growing team that specialise in different areas ensuring you can get the best planning and execution of a campaign, also recognising social trends and capitalising on popular events and breaking news. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt and experiment to find the latest avenues of opportunity to strengthen our clients brands as well as our own and producing results that we can be proud of.


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