June 27, 2014 Rosie Boswell

Wiffledon Championships 2014

WiffedonWe’ve mentioned before how fierce the wiff waff competition is at Boyd Digital Towers, and this year we are truly entering into the spirit of Wimbledon with our own championship – Wiffledon.
Round 1 has been drawn, and come Monday the 30th June (coinciding with Week 2 of Wimbledon) Wiffledon will get underway. Round 1 matches will take place over Monday and Tuesday, followed by Round 2 on Wednesday, Semi-Finals on Thursday and the big Final on Friday.
The draw has been randomly generated, meaning that this game is wide open to all contenders, with 6 games taking place in Round 1 alone. And as the competition progresses, it promises to only get more and more exciting.

12 participants, 5 days, who will win Wiffledon 2014?! Check out the draw below. To keep to update on our Wiffledon match stats, follow us on our Facebook or Twitter.

Wiffledon 2014   Piktochart Infographic Editor

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