August 15, 2014 Colin Boyd

Wall Art: New Boyd Digital Mural

This week the office got a nice lick of paint as Ejek came and painted this beauty on one of the walls.

For those who don’t know who he is, Ejek is a local artist who has been leaving his very distinctive mark all over the city for the best part of a decade.

Take a walk around  town and you’ll find some of his work in places like Strathclyde Uni (which you can see below).

strathclyde uni ejek

gorbals ejek

caotbrdige ejek
If you like the work he’s done for us, go ahead and give his Facebook page a like too.

This is all in keeping with the surroundings of Ibrox with famous street artist Faith 47 recently having been commisioned to create the wonderful work of art that we are lucky enough to see at the end of our road on Fairley Street every day.


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