September 13, 2013 Colin Boyd

Twitter Tips

With the exciting news that Twitter has announced  it is going public, the popularity of the site has never been more noticable. In any given day 200 million users are active on the service.
When there are so many people out there looking for someone new to follow, the opportunities for businesses to reach a new audience are rife. We decided to share some of our favourite tips on creating Tweets that will impress your potential audience.

-Remember it’s the front door
Having eyes on your content is a good thing, but Twitter can be an excellent way of seeing just how many people are looking at what you’re offering. It’s not unusual for companies to have links in their tweets going to their main site (usually shortened to fit in the tweet). Always think of your tweet as an invitation to a potential customer or client.

-You’re Mr.Motivator
You want everyone to notice your work so show off how proud you are. Simply writing ‘here is our new product’ won’t engage a reader as much as ‘We are so happy to show off…’. If you seem to be motivated in your writing then people will take notice.

It mightn’t seem like a wise idea to use the fabled # in your tweets, but it’s a great way to track what people are saying. If someone out there is searching for a product like yours, there’s no doubt they’ll look on twitter just as much as a search engine.

-Create some space
We know its 140 character, but try and think of 120. If someone wants to retweet what you’ve put out there, their name needs to fit in there or part of  your content will be deleted in the process.

-Cool for the kid(z)
You might think it’s a good idea to use slang terms like ‘lol’ or ‘omg’ in your tweets. Don’t. You still want to be seen as an important business and engaging your followers in this way can weaken your brand.



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