July 23, 2014 Gregor Miller

Twitter Talk

With Social Media, Facebook is King at the moment with over 1.23 billion users coming into 2014 but with so many options out there many people use a variety of social media platforms.

Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are all proving to be extremely popular especially as mobile apps improve giving users a better social media experience on the move. The one that we are going to look at is currently second to the throne and leading the pack of behind Facebook, Twitter.

With over 2000 employees and 241 monthly active Twitter users, Twitter was the place that launched the relevance of #Hashtagging everything we do to make it easily accessible to people with similar interests.

The use of hash tags were a marketers dream and brands have flocked to Twitter pushing campaigns hoping to find their unique hash tag trending (trending is when a topic is being discussed at a higher rate than normal).

It is a great way to get directly to a customer and also for a customer to get directly in touch with brand, and what bigger brand is there today than the brand of celebrity.

The most popular Twitter account is that of pop star Katy Perry with over 54.5 million followers, Justin Bieber has an impressive 53 million while acts such as Britney Spears, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake are all in the 30 millions.

The most retweeted Tweet of all time is that of Ellen DeGeneres whose famous ‘celebrity selfie’ at the Oscars received an incredible 3.4 million retweets. People just can’t get enough of celebrities and brands that take advantage of that can get directly to millions of their target audience immediately.


But what about the ordinary person using Twitter? How do we benefit? Well, for one we can keep up to date with breaking news and current affairs, we can let people know what we are up to and we can feel like we have some kind of contact with our favourite celebrities.

As with any social media platform we have to remember that there are rules and laws and many have fallen foul of these by ‘trolling’ with some even ending up with a prison sentence.

If Twitter was a game it could be said that the aim was to get as many followers, favourites and retweets as possible and the ultimate commendation is to have contact with a celebrity whether it be a favourite, a retweet, a reply or the Holy Grail…a follow!

As an experiment I am going to conduct an experiment by getting in contact with a list of celebrities then documenting the responses. Going from the top of the list and most sought after A listers to the more humble stars that may not have been on twitter for as long or have as many followers but still have the fame that so many crave.

This is not an exercise to try and poke fun at people so I will try to find questions that I genuinely would like to hear an answer for. Rather than use the @BoydDigital account which may come across as if I was conducting a social media experiment, which I am, I will use the @BritishSubcult account which is the account for a side project of mine celebrating British subcultures through the years. The account has a decent amount of followers and good interaction rate so hopefully this will not arouse suspicion in the targets.

Below is a list of the tweets sent, be sure to come back to find out about the responses I get which I will be updating as they happen on the @BoydDigital twitter account before compiling a report with my findings.






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