October 24, 2013 Colin Boyd

Tis The Season Already

With Halloween just around the corner, its now the time of year to get your Christmas pages in order. We might only be on the cusp of November but the sooner you kickstart your Christmas campaign up a gear, the quicker you’re going to see the benefits. We thought we’d list three tips on how to get the most out of this important time of year.

1.Look for the landing strip
You might be getting ready to launch a Christmas section to your site. Don’t expect to just have a soft launch out of the blue and expect people to notice. Create a seasonal page for your site well in advance. Even if it’s just a landing page with a single image and a simple ‘coming soon’ banner, it will be indexed quicker on any search engine.

2.Get the specifics
We’re going to use socks as an example here. If you’re a company selling socks for men you don’t want to be advertising it as simply ‘Christmas socks.’ People searching for this will want a nice sock with Santa or Rudolph printed on. Target your audience correctly by spending some time to think on what relative terms you want your product to be found for. If you want people buying the socks as gifts, you’d be looking for something like ‘socks for dad/ Xmas gift for dad’

3.Celebrate with your consumers
Want to tell everyone how good your socks are but don’t know how to send the message out. Use seasonal holidays to your advantage and link your product with it only when the connection is useful. So if it’s Halloween, email out how your socks will keep feet warm whilst trick or treating. Or if it’s closer to Christmas have your Facebook cover be an image of your branded socks hanging like stockings.

If you can see a suitable avenue to push your product out there in a way that makes sense then take it.

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