October 30, 2013 Colin Boyd

4 Tips For Any ASO Campaign

Yesterday we took a dip in the waters of the ASO world. App Store Optimisation isn’t something a person can dive in to the deep end attempting to nail a perfect landing with. You need to strap on those armbands and make sure your app can float before attempting 50 lengths. To stop you from having your ASO campaign get off to a bad start, we’re going to share four tips that make sure you’ll have an effective mechanism in place.

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Stick To That Title
It always helps if your app is named after its function. So if you have a clock app, have a related word in the title. You wouldn’t go naming a pizza app ‘Pasta’ so unless you really want to have that catchy and quirky brand name, stick with the function over fashion. And doubly make sure you’re not using buzzwords. The worst kinds of apps are those that appear to jump on a bandwagon. It’s the reason no apps begin with a hashtag.


Keeping Your Keys
Your app will be specific to a function. It has to fit inside a category of the app store. So never ever go changing the app’s definition to potential new users. If you end up making an app and are unsure what it falls under, ask others what kind of app it is. Splitting up and marketing your app as being a little bit of A & B will see anyone searching look for something with a solid stance on what they want.


Re-rate Yourself
When users leave feedback pay careful attention. These reviews won’t only shape how you see the app, but how those about to hit the download button will too. Ignorance is not bliss in the case of an overlooked review.


Making It Minor
If you’re planning on updating your app, make the changes as minor as possible. Updates sould only be about fixing minor bugs or making the tiniest aesthetic changes. Create an overhaul of that interface and your star reviews will suffer greatly.


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