So we’ve had a few days to let the full effects of Brighton SEO digest. We had the chance to go to some great presentations and meet a lot of people all with a vested interest in making sure to keep on top of everything in the SEO world.

If you weren’t there, or were and feel you missed out on something, fear not! We managed to find the best presentations from the event on Twitter and thought there’d be no time better than the midweek hump for you to give them a peruse.

So boil the kettle, get a good cup of tea and soak up everything you can from these slides.

This is a great presentation to look at if you’re constantly getting confused or having trouble trying to explain just what a local search is.

This presentation has a few rude words and a picture of a dog in a tuxedo. It knows how to relate to us.

Knowing what Google can and can’t do for your site is important. This presentation by Botify gives a quick look in to where the engine underperforms.

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