December 8, 2013 Colin Boyd

SEO Advent Calendar: Days 8-15

Hello again and welcome to week 2 of our SEO Advent Calendar. This week we’re going to be bringing you merry cheer by giving you the best tips for increasing how well you can perform socially.Christmas is a very important time for any business and making a positive presence online matters. Here’s what we recommend you do to help create a jolly boost.

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Day 8: Comment Cards.
Does you have repeat customers who mention you on their profiles? Why not post personalised Christmas Greetings on their wall. Their friends will notice this and feel envious.

Day 9: Check ups.
Has the profile page seen an increase in direct messages? Make sure all the enquiries are dealt with in detail. Don’t fob off potential business with a generic response.

Day 10: Nice Tree
Does the business have their own decorations? Did they put up a tree? Just a quick snap shows the brand off as more than just a name.

Day 11:Hair Down.
Having a Christmas Party? Let everyone know about it. It’ll show off that you have a fun company.

Day 12: The Right Info.
Double check all your company info is up to date. You’d hate to be missing out on Christmas business if you overlooked something as silly as a wrong phone number or old email address.

Day 13: Like It
In the same vein as the Christmas Card post, if a customer puts up a status make sure to like/favourite it. It could be that small action that will transform your like to recommendation for their friends.

Day 14: Act Seasonal
We’ve mentioned in posts before how hashtag trends don’t even last a day. Christmas is the only time this doesn’t count. Labelling something as ‘#festive’ for example will be searched for by others. If someone locals see it you could have a new customer.

Day 15: Go Mobile.
Your increase in enquiries will vary in time throughout the month. Don’t limit your response to office hours. If you want to create more business you can respond on the go anytime of day.

Come back next week when we’ll be giving you another festive treat full with tips for you.

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