December 1, 2013 Colin Boyd

SEO Advent Calendar: Days 1-7

With today being the start of advent we thought instead of opening the windows to the chocolate calendar too soon, we’d share with you 24 tips to make sure your December gets off to an SEO friendly start.

Every week we’ll be posting a list of the best tips (1 for every day)  to make sure you have the best practices in place for the festive season.




DAY 1: Check your bots.
You don’t want those Google bots to be missing the most important pages on your site. If you’re not sure why you’re not ranking as well as you’d like, always double check that you haven’t disallowed bots during any updates.

DAY 2: Get Canonical
Don’t spread your site too thinly. Ensure that the page you want to rank is the one you put a canonical tag on. It’ll stop duplicate pages from hurting your overall rank.

DAY 3: No Follow No Thanks
Check the number of no follow links you have. An increase could be hurting your rank. If this is the case try to figure out why.

DAY 4: Newsjack.
Is a product/client you represent featured in the news? Try and see if you can use that to your advantage during the start of the festive season.

DAY 5: Update.
Check the content you’ve provided for a client. If it doesn’t seem relevant then spruce it up and make it fresh.

DAY 6: Be A User
Try a little refresher in to thinking like a customer. Search like you’re looking for something similar to your client and see how easy it is to get to them.

DAY 7: Get A Friend
After you’ve spent some time searching different terms, ask a friend what they would look for when searching your client. You might end up with some great new ideas to boost their rank.


Check back next week when we’ll be looking at improving your social presence on the SEO Advent Calendar.

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