December 15, 2014 Garyeoghan

SEO Advent Calendar 2014: Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Boyd Digital SEO Advent Calendar. This week we’ll be looking at giving your own site a little bit of a check-up before you head home for Christmas.So follow these easy tips and save yourself the misery of having to work during the holiday when you’d rather be raiding the Quality Street tin.

Dec 15th – Test Yourself
Site have a booking engine? Use it and see how easy it is. Was it easy? Great! Did it annoy you? Well it’s going to be annoying for every user that comes to your site too then.

Dec 16th – Get on the dog & bone
Look after a number of sites for multiple clients? Give a quick phone call to see if there’s anything needing done before the week is out. You’d hate to get an email notification for major work at 4.58 on Friday afternoon.

Dec 17th – Speed Test
Run your site through a few speed tests and make sure too that there won’t be any spikes in data transfer. Having a site go down over Christmas results in a problem that you know won’t be solved for at least a week.

Dec 18th – Go Meta
Take a look at the meta descriptions for pages on site to see if you forgot to change any that had a timely description or now have any information that won’t be up to date.

Dec 19th – Chill
It’s the last Friday before Christmas. Your mind is already on the turkey dinner. Get yourself a cup of mulled wine, kick back and enjoy.

And one final tip: have a ruddy good Christmas!


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