December 8, 2014 Garyeoghan

SEO Advent Calendar 2014: Week 2

Turn up to 11: Christmas. The snows’s coming down. Christmas. I’m watching it fall….

Welcome to week 2 of the annual Boyd Digital SEO Advent calendar where we spread some festive cheer by delivering presents in the form of onsite and offsite tips you can take on board every day this week. This week we’re taking a social dive on the other side of your Facebook page, making sure that all 302s are hidden out of sight when they’re not needed and seeing if the phone works. Enjoy.

Mon Dec 8th – Use Facebook As
Post a lot of content on your company’s Facebook page and get zero interaction? It can be because you’re not actively using the page to engage. Today go and use Facebook as your company (you just click the down arrow in top menu to do so) and then start liking and commenting on posts. Follow local companies and places you actively go and you should see the number of page likes start to organically creep up.

Tue Dec 9th -Redirection
You’ll either be prone to typing in your website address with or without “WWW”. If you do, do the exact opposite today. If it changes back to the one you use, then it has a WWW resolve in place. It it doesn’t and there are no signs of it being a 301 redirect, you should get one put in place. To help decide which one is best, do a site command search on Google and check which version has the most pages indexed as that’s the version you’ll want to point everything towards.

Wed Dec 10th -Take a Nap (Data)
Have an address and telephone on your site? Right click and inspect element to see if it’s wrapped in any markup code that a web crawler can understand as being useful. A lot of big sites don’t do this and it can lead to a case of mistaken identity on local map results.

Thurs Dec 11th – Going for Goals
If you only use Google Analytics periodically, today would be a good time to check on site goals. If you notice any performing extremely well (or under performing) think of how you can have content point towards goals that users actively go for.

Fri Dec 12th – Categorise
Look back through old blog posts on site and see if they can be improved by having categories updated or even a few new lines added in there. The traffic to the older posts might be low, but anyone viewing it who sees that you’ve added in an update knows you’re taking the blog seriously and not using it as a clickbait dump.

Next Monday for Week 3 we’ll be looking at which baubles Google prefers to rank higher on the Christmas tree.

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