May 22, 2014 Gregor Miller

Putting All Your Eggs in Someone Else’s Basket

If you have a business or a website the chances are you will realise the importance of having a good social media presence. Being able to interact with your target audience is a great way to gauge opinion and promote your product and it is often the first port of call for potential new customers.

But just how reliant are we becoming on this? Focussing all of our energies on one platform such as Facebook or Twitter can be a risky business if it means we neglect the quality of our actual site or a wider social net.

It can be easy to become blinkered if we see a success on one particular platform and capitalising on that is important but should not become detrimental to an overall plan. You should always have a goal in mind when it comes to planning your social media to avoid becoming side tracked and to maximise any short term wins you may get.

Remember that if you have a Facebook page with a large following that does not mean you will reach them all with a post. Facebook is always changing and now we need to pay to sponsor a post to reach more of the people who have liked your page. For example, on a page with 65,000 like you could expect to pay £5 to reach between just 480 and 1300 followers with no guarantee as to the final number, I am sure you can imagine the cost to reach your full base of followers.

There are ways to ensure you still have good visibility among your followers but that is where planning and good advice come in extremely handy. There is also the worry that, unlike your own site, you don’t ‘own’ your Facebook page and it could be closed down. This actually happened to me on a personal project recently with a page of 65,000 followers with a high interaction rate being closed without explanation.

Facebook Sponsored Post

The same can be said of all social media so ensuring that you have a good spread across platforms not only safeguards you against such things, as unlikely as they are, as having a page or account terminated.

You will also find a different cross section of followers across different social media platforms allowing you to read a far greater audience. This is also important when thinking about planning a social media campaign, would the same content engage an audience on Pinterest the way it would on Linkedin?

You can settle for having good social media accounts but if you want to maximise the opportunity to use social media as an indispensible marketing tool and build a stronger brand then knowing what you are doing, and planning for the future is key.

A strong social media following can show potential new customers the confidence that existing customers have in you but if that following is made up of bought likes and fake followers there will be no long term gain. A strong social media campaign can bring you a good following, greater interaction and long term success and help you build the strength of your own website.

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