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Google is Testing Search Results Without URLs

by Matt Southern at Search Engine Journal

Google appears to be testing the complete removal of URLs from search results, displaying only the website name instead.

Google has slowly been moving away from showing full URLs since the introduction of breadcrumbs a few months ago. Now it seems Google is testing the impact of removing URLs altogether, to the point of not even showing the domain name.

As one Reddit user states in the thread, perhaps the greatest concern about this change is being able to verify the legitimacy of the website being shown in search results:

“In this era of search results that don’t even show the domain name, how’s Google going to keep phishing sites from using the names of the businesses they’re trying to impersonate? Worse get, might Google have to roll this back after discovering phishing sites were able to exploit this lack of domains in the search results to get people to divulge passwords, credit card numbers, and all other sorts of sensitive information?”

Looking at it another way, removing URLs from search results likely won’t change much in terms of SEO and may even alter the perceived value of exact-match URLs.

Here are another Reddit user’s thoughts on the matter:

“I don’t think this is going to change much in terms of SEO, it just removes one factor that separated good content from good ranking. This is going to normalize the perception of users between traditional tld’s and modern tld’s because they cant subconsciously decide whether or not to click on something based on the perceived trustworthiness of the URL.

I think that fundamentally it is a good thing for new domains trying to get into a niche. this is going to devalue the perceived “vanity” of any particular url, which is good in a climate where basically any URL is taken.”

If this ends up negatively impacting websites in terms of click-through rate then I imagine it’s unlikely Google will make it a permanent, widespread change. Though that will be determined through testing.

Nakin Natural Skincare Lands at Boyd Digital

Nakin, one of the UK’s top cruelty-free natural skincare brands has secured Boyd Digital’s extensive SEO experience as a partner for their UK and European Expansion.

Nakin’s whole ethos is based around ethical living. This is a natural skincare brand for people who want beautiful skin at any age. Using innovative dermal science, Nakin helps to transform the look of skin, without the use of harsh chemicals.  This exclusive range makes use of powerful plant-based anti-ageing ingredients that will help to nourish, protect and heal skin. All of the products are cruelty-free and meet Leaping Bunny standards.

Colin Boyd: “It’s great that forward thinking brand owners such as Cris at Nakin can see the knowledge and passion that the Boyd Digital team has for growing her business. We’ll be looking to use our extensive marketplace and eCommerce experience to grow Nakin into a major player in the natural skincare niche.”

Cris Beetham: “I am so excited to work with Boyd Digital and take Nakin to the next level of growth. Colin, Cat and the team have very impressive plans! And it’s brilliant to work with such a pro-active company that totally get Nakin. It’s an ideal partnership.”

Vinyl Sales Aren’t Going Away Just Yet

Tomorrow is Record Store Day 2019, the 12th annual record store day, with 200 participating shops.

Record Store Day has become a bit of a saviour for the Vinyl Record industry, shops are getting exposure to new customers, Vinyl pressing plants are getting to stamp new and re-released vinyl, artists are getting an experience where they can produce a physical product and engage with their fan base on a personal level. Everyone wins.

I decided to have a closer look to see if the Vinyl Record market was in decline or growth. I was involved in a record store a few years ago but had to go back to the day job after Boyd Digital decided to take on a massive global client and it was an all hands to the pump affair. However I had built lots of small digital tools that helped modernise the offline/online sales functions. In doing so, I carried out a fair bit of research in the niche.

How Are the Big Guns Doing?

It’s recent news that HMV and Fopp are as good as gone from the high street. A few stores remain but the marketplaces selling new vinyl cheaper, faster, more conveniently will eventually kill them off. Independent records stores should be around longer, they tend to be more personal, informative and passionate about the industry rather than engaging in a race to the bottom pricing model. However, they also can’t compete with the marketplaces, but, they can sometimes use them as another sales channel.

Amazon: The Beast

The organic traffic to the Vinyl Section of Amazon UK seems to have dropped from 20,000 organic visits to 8,000 visits

Ebay: Getting in the Game

Ebay UK looks to have rebuilt it’s Vinyl Records section around October 2018 had has significantly increased it’s traffic in the niche to around 6,500 organic visits.

Discogs: The Dedicated One

Discogs was the first dedicated vinyl records marketplace and that shows in it’s use. Generating over 3.1 million visitors per month increasing from 2 million last year. Discogs is the king of the vinyl records marketplaces.

The “Vinyl Records” Trend

Having looked at Google trends for Vinyl Records we can see that the demand in 2019 is about half of that in 2018. This, in conjunction with the HMV news, shows 2017/18 as the likely bubble point for vinyl resurgence.

The New Players

Full Report: https://app.serpinsights.io/Reports/Public/P_stdGjIKLwTtm

more about SERP Insights

As we can see from the above chart, RecordStore.co.uk is benefiting from higher rankings due to super fast site speed (MS/SS showing the mobile speed and the site speed for the websites in the top positions for vinyl records)

The site with most to gain is Music Magpie, with a healthy Domain Score and decent Word Count it’s only really lacking in Site Speed and Referring Domains to make that jump from Second Page to the more lucrative first page.

Norman Records should really be ranking higher in the search terms. It would seem they have all the off site metrics in tune and might be carrying a Google penalty or an on site issue is holding them back.

The surprise in the mix is The Sun, sitting at 17th for a article on The Most Expensive Record. Newspapers have recently found new revenue streams by adding coupon code sections to their websites. Maybe if one of them seriously entered the vinyl record market they could replace HMV and NME with a sustainable online music offering.

Although it looks like the vinyl marketing is slowing down on the previous year it’s still in remarkably good shape considering where it was 5 years ago. Many thousands of records players are now in homes all over the country and exposure to vinyl records is growing with new younger audiences. It’s still good to touch your music and feel a connection with it which you just don’t get with streaming.

I’m Colin Boyd

If you fancy talking more about vinyl records, eCommerce, non (junior) league football, online ideas or the world of independent breweries then give me a shout on twitter @iamthelongtail

We’re Looking for an SEO Manager

Boyd Digital are recruiting for an experienced SEO Manager for our Glasgow based team. This is a rare opportunity for an experienced SEO professional to join Glasgow’s largest specialist SEO agency. The successful candidate will responsible for creating and implementing natural search engine strategies on behalf of high profile international clients, and demonstrating maximum ROI using analytical reporting.

Reporting to the Head of SEO, this is a relatively senior role that will be responsible for leading all aspects of client reporting and digital analysis.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Create, plan, manage and implement SEO strategies on behalf of clients
  • Planning  and carrying out keyword strategies for multiple client campaigns
  • Link building – auditing and creating strategies to drive improvement for clients
  • Manage all weekly/ quarterly analytics reporting, tracking predominantly via google analytics
  • Work with larger digital department to meet client objectives including PPC, content and social teams and contribute to winning new client business via proposals and presentations

Skills & experience required:

  • Minimum 2 years experience in an SEO focused role is required
  • Digital agency experience is desirable but not essential if you can provide evidence of delivering on client campaigns
  • Google Analytics personal qualification
  • Link Building experience
  • Technical and keyword auditing experience
  • Google Tag manager experience
  • Experience using digital tools such as Search console, MOZ, SEMrush, Majestic, Ahrefs and Buzzsumo

If you have the relevant skill set for this role, please submit your CV today for additional information.


Effective SEO Budgets That Deliver

 At Boyd Digital we listen.

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to setting effective SEO strategies, that’s why we focus on understanding our client’s needs and expectations from the beginning to help us devise bespoke strategies that are highly effective Read more

Calling all content masters! We have a position for you

Do you get things done? Do you have initiative and passion? Do you understand the value of hard work?

Boyd Digital are looking for hard working and ambition content writers to work in our vibrant digital marketing business. Successful candidates will get the chance to learn about all aspects of digital marketing and work across our portfolio of international clients.

This is the ideal opportunity for the right candidate to gain invaluable experience in the exciting digital marketing agency setting.

Candidates must demonstrate –

Exceptional written and spoken communication

An understanding and passion for social media

Ability to work to deadlines

Ability to work as part of a team

Personable, social and a self-starter

Genuine enthusiasm to learn more about digital marketing

You will be smart and energetic with the confidence to put ideas forward and make mistakes, and the ability to learn quickly from them and work hard to get things right.

We don’t care about your background, age or education – brains and attitude are much more important.

You will be based at our HQ in Glasgow city centre.

You can get in touch by phoning us on 01413320063

Or emailing grant@boyddigital.co.uk

Fancy working with us?

An exciting new position has arisen within our established SEO digital marketing company based in Glasgow. We are currently looking for an SEO assistant to help with the day to day tasks associated with executing digital marketing campaigns.

As an assistant you will help management with SEO projects, time management, data entry and other SEO tasks as needed. All training will be provided as needed.

This is a full time position working 9:00 – 5:30 Monday to Friday.

Experience and Skill Requirements

Be able to show an example of a website that you have carried SEO work out on.

Some experience and knowledge of technical SEO is essential

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated with a positive attitude.

Must be punctual and be able to thrive in a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment.

Willingness to learn new skills and implement them quickly

Knowledge of Microsoft excel / docs

Familiarity with Twitter and other Social Media outlets

Be comfortable on the phone

Be comfortable taking notes and minutes

Desirable Experience

Excellent communication skills

Experience with using blogging platforms / CMS systems

Foreign language skills

Experience with info-graphics

Experience with Photoshop

You can get in touch by phoning us on 01413320063

Or emailing grant@boyddigital.co.uk

Dark Social & Search Traffic Explained

As SEOs, it’s our job to drive traffic online by developing strategies informed by data. But what happens when the data doesn’t tell the full story?

If you look at your Google Analytics data, over time, you will probably have noticed a steady increase in direct traffic to your site. Have you ever wondered why this is the case?

The answer: Dark traffic.

What exactly is dark traffic? How does dark traffic affect my site?

The technical explanation of the term is… any traffic that arrives at a site without a referral URL from where the source of the traffic can be traced. In laymen’s terms Google has no idea where the traffic has come from so attributes the sessions to direct traffic.

It is thus interpreted as ‘direct’ as it ostensibly looks like the user has typed in the URL directly, when it’s actually the result of organic search or a social share of some kind.

It comes in many forms, but it’s not as dastardly as its name suggests. In fact, it can be beneficial to both brands and marketers alike if utilised correctly.

Today on the blog, we’re going to tell you all about dark social & dark search. Read more

Boyd Digital lends support to Think Tank’s Boost a Start Up Competition

Glasgow is a thriving digital and entrepreneurial city, where innovation and start-ups are celebrated. When Boyd Digital was launched over six year ago, there was no real structure or support in place to help small businesses and startups in Glasgow have the chance to succeed.

Now though its an entirely different story, and with the launch of Think Tank Glasgow, we’re very excited to announce we’re lending our support to their amazing competition. Read more

10 of Our Favourite Tech Blogs of 2015

If you like your tech and gadgets then you probably know one or two good blogs to follow, we are going to take you through a few of our favourites. You will probably know some of them, hopefully we will introduce you to some others and if you know of any more we want you to let us know about them. Read more

Social Media, Let’s Get Personal: 10 Don’ts for Your Personal Account

Most of us use social media pretty frequently whether for work or in our personal lives but we will all have a few ‘friends’ that post the kind of things that makes you want to swing a shovel at them. Here are 10 of my own personal hates that you might want to avoid if you don’t want to be unfriended or unfollowed. Read more

Google+, or was it a Minus?

Around four years ago Google announced it was entering the world of social networks with its own Google+ and there was a lot of initial interest and its growth was rapid.

If you have a read through its Wikipedia page (that means it must be true, right?) it managed to reach 50 million users within 3 months where it took both Twitter and Facebook over 1000 days so people were expecting big things, but it’s not always as simple as that. Read more

Viral Marketing – 3 Great Examples of How to Succeed

Viral Marketing done well can send your campaign rocketing into the stratosphere so we thought we would look at some of the 3 of the top viral marketing examples that might inspire you to create something special and how they achieved their success.

You might be asking yourself ‘What is Viral Marketing?’, I mean, we all know what going viral means but surely this is just down to being in the right place at the right time? In a way, yes it is. The trick behind successful viral marketing campaigns is either, knowing where and when the right place and time are, or creating something that people want to get on board with. Read more

The Guide to SEO Quick Wins


A thorough SEO audit of a site will cover all aspects that could be optimised and improved and can take a considerable time to implement. If you have the time and money you can really improve your site and in turn it’s positions in Google when your target audience is searching. However, if you are looking to get a couple of quick wins to boost your traffic we may have the answer for you here. Read more

Monday Mentions: 20th April (#Mobilegeddon Special)

So the new series of Silicon Valley started last week. While watching it, one of the characters refers to the oncoming “Datageddon” on the horizon. Another character then bands about that there are too many -geddons happening. As we’ve been blogging about previously, everyone is gearing up for Mobilegeddon tomorrow. To save you having to trawl through numerous timelines and feeds getting in a tizzy, here are the top tweets mentioning #Mobilegeddon. Read more

What is this big Google mobile update?

There’s a simple Google update on the horizon which is causing everyone in the SEO/ Digital Marketing world to freak the hell out. News articles, blog posts and forum comments akin to someone screaming ‘won’t someone please think of the children?!’ are popping up left, right and centre all over the web. Read more

2015: The Year Of Mobile (As Every Year Should Be)

It’s the year of mobile. No seriously it is. We blogged in 2013 about Mobile SEO saying it was an important factor. We blogged in 2014 about Local SEO having a larger reliance on mobile. And now here we are in February 2015 and it seems that every other day a news site will take that not so bold step in saying that this is the year of mobile. But maybe it always has been? Read more

Monday Mentions: 23rd February

So Birdman won Best Picture at the Oscars a few hours ago. We’ll tell you what it won’t win: ranking number 1 for the term ‘Birdman’ (it sits at the bottom of the first page). Much like Michael Keaton losing his marbles, the site doesn’t have an XML sitemap or Robots.txt among a whole host of problems. But enough about movies having poorly optimised sites, let’s see what is going on the digital marketing world today. Read more

Instagram For Business: How Does It Work?

Instagram is a beautiful thing. It’s a fantastic looking app. It’s easy to navigate. It’s the best place to get Simpsons quotes on your phone every few hours. It’s a personal journal that requires a millisecond to look at and easily get the gist of someone’s day. It’s also still a relatively unexplored platform and something that many businesses are afraid of. Why are they afraid of it? Well for one thing, WHERE DO LINKS GO? Read more

Monday Mentions : 16th February

Monday morning drama in the office today as our office pup caused a fuse to trip and everyone’s computer to go KAPOOT. So while some of us hope and pray that file recovery is working properly (and some of us wisely conserve laptop battery), here’s what going on in the digital world over the last few days. Read more

Monday Mentions: 26th January

There are three types of people in any office. Those who channelled their inner 12 year old and stayed up to watch the Royal Rumble who now suffer from extreme fatigue, those who don’t know or care what one is, and those like me who are putting a severe no spoilers warning on anyone who so much as utters the words “royal” or “rumble” in conversation. Read more

Monday Mentions : 19th January

Happy Monday morning everybody. Hope you all had a good weekend and didn’t have to spend the first half hour of your morning commute in the driveway scraping ice off the wind shield. It’s colder than cold outside today and with a big freeze set to continue all week, it’s getting so cold that our poor fingers are having a hard time thumbing through our phones to provide a welcome distraction to the start of the day. You don’t have to suffer the same fate though. Read more

Monday Mentions: 12th January

It’s miserable outside today. Grey skies. Wind battering against the windows. Relentless rain. It’s fantastic inside Boyd Digital HQ though (apart from the fact we forgot to buy coffee this morning). We have soul music blaring through the speakers and the office pup is here. So what’s going on in the world of digital marketing this week? Read more

12 Rubbish Things You’ll Hear Back At Work Today

For many people, today is the first official day back in work. And with the first working day of the year comes one truth: you will get a lot of rubbish chat. Luckily in this office we don’t abide by the rules of boring chat when there is work to be done, puppies to be petted and quizzes to make sure we get 100{262b22605905d7bdadc9d0423a4a46028d1c16e5c2069f052c9de36584b442a6} in.

Now that it’s halfway through lunchtime and the first work day back,  check to see how many of these hollow words you’ll have heard or been subjected too this morning. Read more

Spin The Black Circle: Why Vinyl Makes Digital Marketing Better

We have 3 copies of Thriller on vinyl here in the office. Some would say that is two too many. We’d say it’s never enough. It might sound a bit far-fetched to compare what we do as a company to having a good vinyl collection, but when you figure out the similarities that exist and the work needed to look after everything from your charity shop finds to the eBay gem you pray doesn’t come delivered in a few dozen pieces, being passionate about caring for your records is just like running a digital campaign for any company. Don’t believe me? Drop the needle on the start of Thriller, pop on your headphones and read on. Read more

Monday Mentions: 15th December

That final rush to get all work out of the office door and delivered so you can get the festivities going is what most minds will be on this week. In between panicking over who needs what and making sure you don’t go over deadlines, it’s important to remember the most important part of the work day: reading tweets disguised as work.
Read more

Christmas Ads 2014: Which one is the best?

About this time last week there was suddenly an influx of penguins on my Facebook feed, well one. His name was Monty and every single instance of his name incited cries of ‘aww’ ‘so cute’ ‘can’t wait for Xmas’ etc. I took a quick look and saw that the domain montythepenguin.com was for sale. I said I’d buy it right then and there but got distracted and when I remembered a few hours later some lucky duck (or penguin) had snapped it up. Read more

Monday Mentions : 3rd November

The first week of November aka “Fireworks making you jump out of your seat every few hours” week is in full swing. After a fun filled Halloween weekend and a comedown from the sugar overdose of unclaimed trick of treat goodies, all eyes on are the big names who are suddenly panicking about their back links and how Groupon is only catching on to what their audience might want.
Read more

17 of the Best SEO Chrome Extensions

As specialists in search engine optimisation we use a wide range of tools to help us complete our daily tasks as efficiently as possible. There are a wide range of SEO tools available to marketers, some good, some great and many not so good.

In this blog post I will share with you my top 17 SEO extensions for Google chrome. The extensions listed below are in no particular order – I find it impossible to compare one against the other, as they all do something spectacular and are all very useful in their own way.

Read more

The Generation Game: Making Better Content

Google a phrase like ‘sharing content’, ‘make content be heard’, ‘share your voice’ etc. and you will be treated to wonderful stock images of children holding up megaphones, people shouting in fields without megaphones and lots of animated people holding up megaphones too. It’s what people like to envision every time they create and share content. The harsh reality though is that when you do create content, in most cases your megaphone will be a kazoo that will only be heard within a vacuum i.e. its won’t be very noticeable. Read more

Monday Mentions: 20th October

The Monday morning blues are in full swing in the office today. After a cracking weekend of doing our best to beat UFC fighter Robert Whiteford at table tennis and watching Glasgow Warriors thrash Bath on Saturday, all eyes on now on checking to see if there has been any change from the Penguin update that rolled out late on Friday. Read more

Looking For Keywords In All The Wrong Places

Urban Cookie Collective once majestically said ‘I’ve got the key/I’ve got the secret/ I’ve got the key to another way/ Ah ah ah ah’. Now while that last beautifully crafted harmonic line might not be that relevant when we’re talking about keywords, the rest of the lyrics make for a great brief in describing how to better look for potential keywords. Read more

Monday Mentions: 13th October

Winter has most definitely come to town today. Plenty of folk around town suddenly decked out in scarves and gloves. We’re predicting a 125{262b22605905d7bdadc9d0423a4a46028d1c16e5c2069f052c9de36584b442a6} increase in the number of people gripping on to their mugs in the morning for a bit of warmth. If the weather stays this way, we’re keeping our eyes out for an increase in hot water bottle searches this month. Read more

What Is A Google Penalty?

If you run any type of site the phrase ‘We’ve been hit with a penalty’ is enough to make anyone break out in a cold sweat. Google penalties aren’t the be all and end all for all sites (in some rare cases they can be), so figuring out just what you did wrong and how to fix the problem can be a handful. What you need to do is fix the leak by knowing where the mains are. It could be as simple as turning a tap and telling Google ‘Look, we fixed it and cleaned the place up.We cool?’. It could be as drastic as needing the whole house refitted and praying no one notices just how badly your site messed up. Read more

Boyd Digital Is Proud To Sponsor…

At Boyd Digital we’re admittedly a bit sports mad. Who can forget this summer’s World Cup Sweepstake or the definitive table tennis competition/Wimbledon tribute, Wiffledon? So sponsoring sports teams is an obvious step for us. Read on to find out who we sponsor here at Boyd Digital. Read more

The Values (and challenges) of International SEO

Today I was looking at a popular hotel site (I won’t say which one) to see if there was any reason why they wouldn’t be ranking for generic terms in non-domestic markets. The chain has a hotel in a very popular tourist location and has massive appeal worldwide. It was only when I had a look at the Metadata for the site that I noticed all their international landing pages which were in another language didn’t have any meta description. A quick glance over the text made it look as though the content was a quick Google Translate was carried out ,which is fine in itself considering the site is English, but not having the Meta description easily altered (or even present) was causing the site to miss out on a massive chunk of potential visitors. Read more

Monday Mentions: 6th October

Rain rain go away. No seriously. Go away. Today Glasgow is greyer than normal and not even a good dose of Fleetmac Wood (yes we’re spelling that right) is wiping away the fact that autumn has truly settled in. So while we all get ready to huddle around the heaters and the consumption of tea goes up 300{262b22605905d7bdadc9d0423a4a46028d1c16e5c2069f052c9de36584b442a6}, let’s see what goes on in the world of digital marketing Read more

Remote Control: Apps for working anywhere

‘I can’t make it in today, I’ve got X,Y & Z’

It’s a phrase that was once a death knell for productivity in the workplace. Here at Boyd Digital we absolutely hate the idea of not being productive. We’d rather chop our thumbs off than twiddle with them. That is why we’re always on the lookout to make our workflow as efficient as possible. Read more

Best Breakfast In Glasgow

The tent pole of the day. The only meal champions care about. The only time of day it’s acceptable to eat bacon and pancakes and not feel bad pouring syrup all over it. Breakfast is a glorious thing, but finding the perfect place to enjoy the most important meal of the day can be hard. Read more

What You Should Know About SEO: Part 2

So earlier this morning I told you 5 key things you should know about SEO but were too afraid to ask. Not knowing the general in’s and outs of structuring a site in such a way to make it as user friendly as possible doesn’t mean you have to be an internet genius, you just have to know what to look at.  Read more

What You Should Know About SEO: Part 1

You’ve just redecorated the living room. You invite everyone round to have a look. They all say it’s great. One person though notices that the big expensive picture you have hanging up isn’t hanging straight, your sofa is facing the wrong way and a plug socket would be better set five inches to the left. Welcome to the mind of a digital marketer who has just come across your site for the first time. Read more

Going Loco Down in Google Local

It’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks people come across whenever we try to explain the difference in the types of results Google can provide you with: the difference between what an organic and local link is. Last week we mentioned a really good presentation we saw at Brighton SEO (you can look at that here) about how to make sure a localised result works in your favour, but unless you know exactly what one is, how can you understand how to optimise it? There’s one simple way to best explain a local result and it involves looking for pizza. Read more

Monday Mentions: 22nd September

Glasgow has been like a baked Alaska this past weekend: warm on the outside, cold on the inside. With all the Referendum hyperbole reaching its conclusion, our eyes are once again back on Twitter in search of every nugget out SEO news out there. Sifting through hundreds of automated ‘#seo #google’ tweets is enough to drive a person mad, but when a gold star tweet is found, well we just have to share it. Read more

Superhero Chess

This weekend saw Comic Con come to Glasgow in the form of Scotland Comic Con, and it was another resounding success with thousands of comic book fans flocking to the SECC. At Boyd Digital we also got into the superhero spirit by hosting our very own Superhero Chess competition at Geek Retreat on Union Street in celebration of Comic Con. Read more

Monday Mentions: 8th September

Kicking off the working week and hearing Paul Simon and Sting just announced a gig together in Glasgow is enough for us to go searching for the best songs by both (Englishman in New York & You Can Call Me Al respectively of course). If you disagree, then tweet us and let us know which you think arebetter. And while you’re at it, you should see what we’re reading about on Twitter this morning. Read more

Monday Mentions: 1st September

It’s full steam ahead here at Boyd Digital HQ as we get ready for the trip down to Brighton SEO next week and meet with some like minded folk to talk about search marketing and all thing SEO. We’re going to be hosting a little round table event of our own down there (you can get free tickets soon), and if you’re not going to be making the journey with us, Grant will be holding a Google Analytics Advanced event here in Glasgow in a few months time too, which you can grab tickets for here. Read more

Capitalize On Your Conference Trip

Brighton SEO is looming, as are other big marketing events, and here at Boyd Digital, we like to be prepared for them. We like to capitalize to the upmost extent on the opportunity that we are presented with, and you should too, no matter what or where the conference. So we’ve come up with some handy tips to help you prepare for the conferences in your calendar. Read more

Monday Mentions: 18th August

The midpoint of the month for us working folk means the enviable slump as focus wains and thoughts turn out when its going to be the weekend again (only 4 days folks). With the first lunch of the week over and that need of a good cuppa to perk up and push through the res tof the day, keep up to date with what’s going on the world of SEO by having a quick breeze through these important tweets. Read more

The Don’ts and Don’ts of A Social Media Strategy

Don’t be misled by the title. Don’t go thinking this is going to be an entirely negative post. Don’t believe that this post will completely turn your social media strategy on its head. Most importantly, don’t ignore everything you’re about to read on this page. A social media strategy can often turn in to a big game of “Do’s and Don’ts”. Questions like ‘why don’t customers engage on our profiles?/ why don’t I get more visits from social sources? Why don’t I focus on social links to more?’ will drive you in a spiral of don’ts you’ll never get out of. Read more

Buy Some Whisky History

Whisky is to Scotland what photo bombing is to Alex Salmond, they go hand in hand, but a strange fact that I’d never heard before was that Whisky hasn’t been produced in Glasgow for over 100 years.

Very soon Liam Hughes and Ian McDougall will change that when they switch on their state of the art distillery in Hillington and they’s like to give you change to get in on the history. They are letting some lucky people purchase the first runs of Whisky and all you have to do is join the 1770 Club that they have set up and buy your whisky in bulk, the price is good and it’s part of the history of Whisky production returning to Glasgow.

For more information on the 1770 Club follow this link to the information pdf: Glasgow Distillery Company

Top Websites Don’t Make Fast Shift to SSL

There’s a cool little website just been set up to monitor if the top 1000 websites in the world are changing to HTTP after Google announced on their web master tools blog that a secure site is a good thing for users.

It’s conveniently named SSL Switch, as taking the ronseal approach to marketing – it does what it says on the tin.

It’s checks every day, maybe sooner, which sites enable HTTPS and when they do it.

So far none of the top 1000 websites in the world have changed to HTTPS and interestingly when you look over the list of companies that don’t use HTTPS Amazon.com and Ebay.com appear on the list with no HTTPS found.

Maybe if a large number of these sites make the first move to HTTPS then it will become commonplace for all sites to be secure.



Batten Down The Hatches: The Rise of HTTPS

Hot off the press yesterday, Google Webmaster Central blog put up this post all about HTTPS now being a legitimate ranking signal. For roughly 99{262b22605905d7bdadc9d0423a4a46028d1c16e5c2069f052c9de36584b442a6} of all queries, Google says that this won’t affect site rankings, but for the seemingly small 1{262b22605905d7bdadc9d0423a4a46028d1c16e5c2069f052c9de36584b442a6} it will make a difference. Read more

Hockey – Commonwealth Games

Since the Games are still well and truly swinging here in Glasgow, many of us at Boyd Digital have been lucky enough to be spectators at some of the events. Last week I was at the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal, Gregor saw the table-tennis; Grant went to the Rugby 7’s at the weekend, and yesterday I was an excited spectator at the hockey. Read more

A Bolt from the Blue : Commonwealth Games Poll

As I am sure you will have read over the last few weekes we have been very excited by the arrival of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. We, as many other businesses and individuals have done, have embraced the Games and though there are some disruptions to the locals here and there we all seemed to have got on it well. Read more

Top 5 Films – July

From my earliest years I have always been a huge film fan. I still have vague memories of my mother taking me to see Jurassic Park at the Grosvenor Cinema when I was 4 years old. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, these monstrous dinosaurs were to my mind ‘real’ and as such I experienced the same excitement and terror from my popcorn littered seat as those characters in the film did. Read more

Monday Mentions: 28th July

It seems the sun has decided not to grace Glasgow with its presence today. No big deal for us though. Getting towards the end of the month means tying up the loose ends on any remaining work, strategizing for the month ahead and making sure we’re always kept up to date on what is happening in the land of digital marketing. Read more

Commonwealth Games Opening Poll : Fantastic or Flop?

The Commonwealth Games kicked off with a bang last night bang, social media was buzzing as people discussed what was unfolding in front of them but what did you think? You will be able to read more about the opening ceremony on here today but for now we want to know whether you enjoyed the show that was beamed to over 1 billion people last night. Read more

Farewell World Cup!

The World Cup is finally over after a whirlwind month of goals, upsets, surprises and some unbelievable football. With a disciplined German side earning the well-deserved title of World Champions last night, as well as being the first European team to win the Cup on South American soil it has been an exciting tournament. With Gav having cleaned up in the sweepstakes, we’re feeling a bit bereft here at Boyd Digital Towers and aren’t quite ready to bid farewell to World Cup 2014. Read more

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