July 28, 2014 Garyeoghan

Monday Mentions: 28th July

It seems the sun has decided not to grace Glasgow with its presence today. No big deal for us though. Getting towards the end of the month means tying up the loose ends on any remaining work, strategizing for the month ahead and making sure we’re always kept up to date on what is happening in the land of digital marketing.

So let’s took a look at some of the top tweets we’ve been reading through this morning to see what this week has in store.

Firstly, find out a little bit about the Pigeon update and what (if anything) it means for local search results:

A litle bit of knowledge that will come in handy no doubt.

If you’re someone who obsesses over when new updates are on the horizon, take a look at this good post on how someone has made a calendar in anticiaptoion.

Here’s a great little WordPress plugin we found that can make finding images for all types of posts that little bit easier.

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