April 27, 2015 Garyeoghan

Monday Mentions: 27th April

Good morning everybody. It’s a sprightly spring morning here in beautiful Glasgow city. It’s always a morning chock full of digital news that went under the radar over the weekend. Let’s have a look to see what news you might have missed in your Twitter timeline then.

It’s just launched in the U.S. but we’d keep an eye out on this branch of Amazon’s arm. Aiming to bypass the old directory system, Amazon Home is a place you can look for a plumber, spark or basically any job you might need done around the home (even goat grazing if you really need it). Because everyone has a friend or relative in the DIY industry, we’d highly suggest keeping tabs on this in case it pops up on this side of the pond any time soon.

PPI companies might be about to break out in sweat if Facebook’s new app picks up traction. Aiming to eliminate the old dilemma of “Unknown number, not picking up” Facebook has started Hello, an android only (for now) app that matches any phone number with the Facebook profile that it belongs too. Slightly nifty, slightly scary, this new app doesn’t alter any existing Facebook privacy controls (quite scary) but here’s hoping it comes in useful for small local businesses.

Google is really hammering home the idea that mobile is the way to go. Reading this news about attention rates for watching videos on mobile devices, it makes sense when you think of how many people must now use their phone as a viewing device going to and from work every day.

Reddit: the ultimate time waster! Unless you’re Hootsuite and trying to validate wasting all day on it.

And finally, here at Boyd Digital this week we’ve gave away keyword data worth over £1000 that companies like Skyscanner, Trivago, Expedia and TripAdvisor can use to see what matters to help them outrank one another. Some of the results for these metrics are surprising and trust us it is well worth a look.

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