June 23, 2014 Garyeoghan

Monday Mentions: 23rd June

A cloudy Monday morning after a beautifully bright weekend? You cannot be serious! The start of Wimbledon today means two things for everyone across the country:  a sudden rummage through closets and garages to find rackets that only get used for two blissful summer weeks, and an upsurge in the consumption of strawberries and cream. But how does the internet react to a bit of Murray Mania?

We took to Twitter as we are prone to first thing on a Monday morning and found a few tweets worth a mention.

It’s always interesting to keep an eye on how companies market themselves around the event:

Get your Wimbledon knowledge up to scratch with this handy infographic:

A little look at bounce rates (tennis, bounce, get it?)

Expect to see everyone on your feeds using a wide range of hashtags over the tournament. Find out about how people are using their tablets around the world every day with this handy little infographic.

And of course if you’re in Glasgow like us, you may as well get outside and consider trying your hand at becoming the next Andy Murray.

Now go and get in the mood like us by listening to this belter of a sports theme:

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