September 22, 2014 Garyeoghan

Monday Mentions: 22nd September

Glasgow has been like a baked Alaska this past weekend: warm on the outside, cold on the inside. With all the Referendum hyperbole reaching its conclusion, our eyes are once again back on Twitter in search of every nugget out SEO news out there. Sifting through hundreds of automated ‘#seo #google’ tweets is enough to drive a person mad, but when a gold star tweet is found, well we just have to share it.

Here are some you should be taking time to read through this week.

Some nice takeaways from this short piece on looking at Facebook on Google Analytics:

InstagrADS. Think it’ll be a term that catches on?

Always good to have a quick reminder on what the major talking points are when you’re faced with describing SEO to someone who doesn’t have a clue.

What are those pesky folk at Google up to now? Time to put the tin foil hats on.

HttpSOS. A lot of people have been panicked into switching over to HTTPS. But how’s it been working out a month removed?

And to finish, a nice photo of a car about to turn down Queen Street that isn’t souped up to the nines with spoilers and tinted windows.

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