July 21, 2014 Garyeoghan

Monday Mentions : 21st July

We’re preparing for Glasgow to just about reach lock down this week when the Commonwealth Games start. Hopefully it will be as sunny throughout the week as it is right now and we won’t be begrudging timetable changes in the rain.In between trying to get the Google Analytics App to work properly on our phones, and figuring out which way to get to work when the roads are going to be akin to navigating a maze, we’re always keeping an eye on what is going on the wider world of SEO and everything to do with digital marketing.

Here some of what we’ve been reading this morning:

Possibly the only Google related post to have someone singing ‘I am like a bird’.

Google Plus is always a bit tricky. Here’s some tips to help stop that problem.

A good long read with a cup of coffee. Just what Monday morning ordered.

Me fail english? That’s un-possible.

And of course here’s what going on in Glasgow over the next week and a bit with the Culture Festival:

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