August 18, 2014 Garyeoghan

Monday Mentions: 18th August

The midpoint of the month for us working folk means the enviable slump as focus wains and thoughts turn out when its going to be the weekend again (only 4 days folks). With the first lunch of the week over and that need of a good cuppa to perk up and push through the res tof the day, keep up to date with what’s going on the world of SEO by having a quick breeze through these important tweets.

Panicking over the little things means you forget about everything else:

Every freaked out a little about SSL news last week. If you’re running an Android phone and use Outlook, this might be of interest.

We’re still awing over the amazing work EJEK did in the office last week.

And don’t forget to check out the other post on the blog today about how you don’t want to run a social strategy right here.

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