November 17, 2014 Garyeoghan

Monday Mentions: 17th November

Good Monday Morning from Las Vegas. It is just after 1:00am here in the desert and there isn’t a scarf or woolly hat in sight. We’re here at the Ungagged event learning what leading companies in the States are doing in the SEO world.

Here are some of the important tweets we’ve seen over the weekend and across the web:

Sound advice from Brian. It’s always better to be rather than @yourself:

Finding business on Facebook can be a nightmare, well hopefully could have, if this latest update is anything to go by:

Firefox is 10 years old. So well done to them on being the browser you install on your parent’s computer and tell them not to change the settings on for fear of the tech support phone call they give you:

Apart from being absolutely terrifying, Amazon Echo is important if its possibly going to change how people search:

And finally, Instagram got an overhaul last week and suddenly isn’t so stubborn in terms of what you can edit and search with. We’d be interested in seeing if it can become a viable referral channel now:

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