February 16, 2015 Garyeoghan

Monday Mentions : 16th February

Monday morning drama in the office today as our office pup caused a fuse to trip and everyone’s computer to go KAPOOT. So while some of us hope and pray that file recovery is working properly (and some of us wisely conserve laptop battery), here’s what going on in the digital world over the last few days.

Don’t hate the Pinner, hate the game:

And to think it wasn’t so many light-years ago that someone would look at something in a magazine and rip out the page as a reminder to buy it:

Imagine leaving your profile in your will?

Advertising on Facebook? The company is now going to make sure you’re doing it right and not wasting money (or maybe tricking us in to spending more. We’re on to you Facebook!)

Marketing your product on Instagram? If you can do it, then we’re all ears:

And speaking of Instagram, it’s what the next BDX event is all about. Get your tickets now:

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