December 15, 2014 Garyeoghan

Monday Mentions: 15th December

That final rush to get all work out of the office door and delivered so you can get the festivities going is what most minds will be on this week. In between panicking over who needs what and making sure you don’t go over deadlines, it’s important to remember the most important part of the work day: reading tweets disguised as work.

So before you start making your coffee Irish to get through the weeks, here are all the juicy nuggets of what the digital marketing world has been up to.

It seems as though Facebook is rolling out the big guns quite close to Christmas in the hopes anything near competition won’t be bothered to put up a fight. Just look at all these little tweaks coming out.

Facebook uploaded videos outdoing YouTube linked videos? Good news for The Lad Bible and possibly no one else.

If this works out as hoped, we could start seeing people setting Facebook as their homepage: a true Christmas nightmare.

And this is a pretty cool feature. Call to actions like this are what can make Facebook work better than say a table booking feature on Tripadvisor (a true first world problem)

When someone tells you that Instagram is outperforming Twitter now, tell them it’s poppycock.

And finally, this Wednesday 17th is another of our BDX Events. You can get your tickets from Eventbrite now. And get the free beer and mince pies when you get here.

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