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Mobile SEO Mistakes &Tips.

SEO Do's and Don'ts

Avoid The Common Mistakes.

There is a reason that Responsive Web Design is so popular. It is not only more user-friendly, but also reduces the amount of effort for SEO considerations as well as resolving Mobile SEO mistakes and faulty redirects. As we discussed earlier – pages with a poor mobile SEO won’t rank as high in Google mobile or smartphone search results, therefore it is important to take some steps towards developing smartphone friendly interface as well as develop efficient mobile SEO. Here are some important tips and the most common mistakes people make:

  1. Using the wrong URLs and making Faulty redirects.

Not every website uses Responsive Web Design and they may encounter various problems with the mobile interface of the site. Faulty redirect happens when a mobile user is redirected from a page in desktop interface to the home page or even worse – error page. It is critically important to fix this, especially before the new Google algorithm takes place. This will be most common reason for pages not being able to rank higher. And here are some tips to sort out faulty redirects:

a) Use responsive design;

b) Separate mobile URLs;
c) Use Dynamic serving;


  1. Treating mobile searchers the same as desktop searchers.

This is another common mistake of mobile SEO. You have to remember that these audiences are very different. Responsive design gives you the same content and keywords on the desktop and smartphone interface; however searches on mobiles are different from searches on desktops. You might need to do your keyword research again and create content relative to the best keywords from mobile perspective. Use Google keyword tool and tick for mobile devices, you will be surprised at the results it gives to you.


SEO Keywords

SEO Targets


  1. Treating all non-desktop searches the same.

This would be the mistake you want to make least on your mobile SEO. Segmenting traffic is very important because you have to understand your audience and their searching habits. If you are considering doing mobile SEO you should do a good research on how different searchers are behaving on your website. You can use Google Analytics to segment searches and understand how different users use your site.


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