May 16, 2014 Garyeoghan

It’s sunny outside… according to the internet

There’s a popular piece of vernacular in Glasgow that will purse through the lips of anyone when the sun is out:

‘Is it taps aff?’

It’s a rather simple phrase that stands for one thing: today is a good day. While there is a site dedicated solely to answering this very important question, the lovely sunshine outside today had us wondering just how good the internet can be at telling us what the weather is like outside, without actually having to go outside of course.


So here in no particular order are some unique sites, tips and apps for telling what the weather is like, and whether tops will be off or not:

Is it raining?


A Ronseal site if there ever was one. Is It Raining is incredibly easy to use and answers the one question everyone thinks about before setting out somewhere. About to go on a day trip and wondering what the weather is like on the other side? Simply enter the location and you’ll know if precipitation is looming its head over the horizon before you get there. It also makes for a good game in the office if you’re looking to drive everyone in to a frenzy guessing if its raining right now in Dublin, Timbuktu or Alaska.

Just ask Google

the weather in glasgow

Live by the mantra ‘when in doubt, Google out’ any time you’re looking to answer the simple questions. Using Google isn’t always about trying to find a particular site or when you’re stumped and can’t remember who that guy from that film was. On both your desktop or mobile, the engine is smart enough to know that when you type in ‘the weather in glasgow/ is it sunny’ it will deliver you relevant results right on the SERP, before showing you any sites. And if you’re on your mobile, you can get the temperature in your exact location, which is ever so slightly strange when you consider you could just look up at the sky.

Get a better app

met office app

If you have an iPhone, you mightn’t notice that the default weather app is powered by Yahoo. And while finding the temperature is good (in between accidentally hitting Yahoo in the corner), if you’re looking to find out everything from what direction the wind is coming from to the pollen count for the day, you can’t go wrong with the always reliable Met Office. The app is free and always a better gauge of how to dress for the entire day rather than taking a gamble by staring out the window when you wake up. It also helps make you feel like a right Michael Fish when someone turns the conversation in to a discussion about the weather and you can claim to be an expert on what the next five days are going to be like.

Play with the weather

Shangoo app

Id you’re the eternal optimist and wish every day was a sunny day, there are apps on the market that make it so. Shangoo is an augmented reality app that’s a bit of a one trick pony, but admittedly a lot of fun the first time you use it. Just open it up  and point it around you. You can select almost any type of weather condition and apply it to your camera’s surroundings. Perfect if you feel like making London look rainy, which s quite a rare event indeed.

Even with just these few highlights of checking weather online we’ve shown you, there ultimately still only is one way to really get a gauge of the weather anywhere in the world. If you hear someone saying its ‘Taps Aff’, you know it’s going to be a good day.


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