September 24, 2013 Grant Ruxton

Keyword Conundrums & Confusion

One of the most important factors for determining how well your website will perform online is through the keywords you want to use for it. Here at Boyd Digital we’re all about getting businesses to perform well online when we carry out thorough analysis in to which keywords would get the best results for their company.

When you put your company out there for others to find imagine it as though you’re looking at a map. You want people to easily find your company but there are similar companies out there who can sometimes take up more space on the map. When someone comes to looking what your company is offering, you want to stand out more than the others. This is where a level of flexibility and personalisation comes in to play.

We’ll take the example that you sell maps. If someone goes online and searches ‘maps’ all they’re going to get is a series of links to online map-sites. Your potential customer wants to buy a map though. This is where personalisation comes in to play.

You could have maps that are of certain locations. The third most popular map term online is ‘map of London’. You could do the same for a specific region. Want to sell maps of Scotland? Then having ‘maps of Scotland for sale’ could work for you. We searched that term and seen its quite vulnerable when the first page has links to ‘vintage’ maps for sell.

vintage maps

What’s worse was that a first page result would lead you to a letting site that had absolutely nothing to do with selling maps.

letting maps

How similar keywords can cause you to navigate through rough terrain shows that taking some time to think about which keywords you want people to find you for is important. If you can key in on what the customer is looking for it can help you create keyword terms that will see you gain results.


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