October 2, 2013 Colin Boyd

Keeping Connected Can Help

Previously on the blog we talked about how consumers are using their mobile searches as a means to seek out local businesses. This method of searching on the move is on a constant increase.

Now imagine yourself  searching on a computer at home. You’ll sit and scroll through the results on offer. The same can’t be said for mobile searching. People want the right results right there and then. If it’s not on the screen straight away then the information provided isn’t useful to the user.

This kind of searching is really important as consumer searching is now labelled by some as being an ‘experience’. Why the label? A survey done by Google showed that a whopping 90{262b22605905d7bdadc9d0423a4a46028d1c16e5c2069f052c9de36584b442a6} of people will switch between devices while they search. So someone might be looking at a result on their phone, then looking for the full site version on their laptop before contacting the company on their phone. It’s a mixture of resources that drives consumers to make decisions.

Being adept to both is an important strategy that we keep an eye on for our clients. Context is an important factor in this too. Take the example of someone searching for cough medicine. If you had someone searching for it on a desktop computer at 4pm, you could surmise it might be someone in their work with a cold on the way. But what is you had someone searching the same query at 2am on their phone? It could be someone looking for the nearest place to get some when they’ve been up all night.

Think about what your business is offering consumers from their point of view. It could be the case that mobile searches are more important than you thought. Consider what you want to rank well for, match it with what customers are looking for on the go and you could see some great results.

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