July 31, 2014 Rosie Boswell

Hockey – Commonwealth Games

Since the Games are still well and truly swinging here in Glasgow, many of us at Boyd Digital have been lucky enough to be spectators at some of the events. Last week I was at the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal, Gregor saw the table-tennis; Grant went to the Rugby 7’s at the weekend, and yesterday I was an excited spectator at the hockey.

Now before you get too excited, it wasn’t the Scotland v England game (1-2 if you’re interested), but two different but amazing women’s matches. With only 10 competing nations in the hockey, it is of course field hockey players at the top of their game, definitely playing at the highest level possible.Even better for me, our seats were row side, making us really feel part of the action. Especially true when a flying hockey ball narrowly missed my transfixed face!
The first game was Canada v New Zealand, with the Antipodean team absolutely dominating the game with a thoroughly convincing 6-0 win. The speed of the game, combined with the New Zealand team’s confidence and interception skills meant that they cruised through. They also win points (from me anyway) for having the best supporters, namely the brave topless men spelling out the word KIWIS in the somewhat chilly Scottish summer.hovky3

The second game was between India and South Africa, and was a far tighter game, with India needing a win and S.A needing a draw or a win. Though less speedy than the first game, competition was none-the-less fierce with South Africa ultimately coming away with a 3-2 win, despite India’s valiant efforts in the closing moments of the game. The 200th goal of the male and female Commonwealth hockey was scored, and one of the South African players was congratulated on her 200th (!) cap.

There is no sign of the Games fever abating – in fact if anything, it seems to be hotting up! With all eyes still on Glasgow until Sunday, and with Scotland already having a record medal haul, the city is enjoying it immensely.

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