July 1, 2014 Gregor Miller

Google’s World Cup XI

The World Cup this year has thrown up the odd shock result and the surprise package of the tournament has got to be Costa Rica who have made it right through to the Quarter Finals at the expense of Greece, Italy and England.

Despite keeping you up to date with how our World Cup sweep is going or rivalling both the Commonwealth Games and Wimbledon with our own nail biting table tennis tournament, Wiffledon. We are, above all else, an international SEO and Digital Marketing company with a history of helping our clients and launching innovative new techniques to ensure we get the best results.

That being said we should probably talk about something “work” like so let’s take a look at some interesting news from Google. That’s right, Google have released the most searched for World Cup starting 11. I can see what you are thinking here and yes, we are a bit obsessed with the World Cup, give us a month and we’ll be obsessed with the Commonwealth Games which is happening right on our doorstep in Glasgow.

So getting back to it here is Google’s most searched for starting eleven, as you might expect the Golden Boys of world football are in there including Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. Our favourite, Andrea Pirlo, also makes an appearance while another star of the tournament Guillermo Ochoa of Mexico also makes the team. Who knows, maybe that is potential suitors looking for him after he left his last club Ajaccio and is now a free transfer, get on Linked In Guillermo!!!

Mexico Goalkeeper Guilllermo Ochoa

Maybe the two surprises in the team are full backs Atsuto Uchido of Japan and Argentine Marcos Rojo but we have to take into account that this is not the most searched for players but the most searched for team. Not many people will have been focussing on the left or right backs in a tournament that has already surpassed South Africa 2010’s World Cup for goals without even reaching the quarter finals yet!

Personally speaking I am a little surprised that Suarez and Chiellini have not had a large enough search volume to rank in the top team after the drama involving them but that could have had to do with Italy’s lack of progression and Suarez missing the first and last games of Uruguay’s tournament through injury then suspension.

Suarez Chiellini

From a business point of view it makes interesting reading, for example if you were a business or footballer trying to gain high search volumes targeting the attacking positions or more highly contested positions will be difficult. Trying to dislodge Messi or Ronaldo would be like trying to dislodge Nike or Coca Cola, they are just too big. For quick wins sometimes targeting the , often perceived, less glamorous defensive roles or less contested positions such as full back can lead to better results and have you playing in the same team as the big boys. Suarez also goes to show that a bit of controversy or a one off piece of publicity won’t guarantee a position. Hard work and persistence is the key.

Anyway, here is the starting eleven for the ‘Google Most Searched For’ Rovers, and as a side note the coach would have been Jurgen Klinsmann, perhaps people were Googling “Why Does Jurgen Klinsmann Have a Silly German/American Accent?”

Google World Cup Dream Team


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