June 3, 2014 Gregor Miller

The Final Countdown

With only 50 days to go until the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the team at Boyd Digital are starting to get excited.

It will be a real boost for the city of Glasgow from the investments and redevelopment of certain areas to the prestige and honour of holding an event like this. As well as welcoming the top Commonwealth athletes to the city visitors and locals will be able to enjoy a host of entertainment as the games approach.

Glasgow is a great city anyway so this summer promises to be a very exciting time for everyone involved and for the people that want to soak up the atmosphere.

To mark the 50 days to go mark we are going to be regularly posting our favourite and most memorable moments from the world of athletics on our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter pages so please do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know what you think of them and give us your suggestions too.

Commonwealth Games

If we can get just a fraction of the spirit that the London Olympics achieved I think we are in for a great time. Hopefully our athletes will be just as successful too as we cheer them on, giving us all something to really celebrate.

We will kick you off on here with one of the more inspirational moments from the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. In the video below you can see 400m runner dropping to the ground with a hamstring injury. As an athlete, being able to compete at the highest level must be what they all strive for and succumbing to injury on this stage must be devastating. The reason this moment is so memorable to many is that despite his injury he showed the determination to carry on and try to complete the race. What follows is a great moment showing the unity in his family as he is joined by his father who helps him complete the race. A great and inspiring moment to start off with.

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