Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn is primarily seen as avenue for networking online, but it has great use as a platform for social advertising if you want to reach out to those in a related industry or market and want to advertise your brand or service towards those at a certain company level.

Why Choose Boyd Digital?

Boyd Digital helps guide companies through the process of LinkedIn advertising to fit in with the needs of the client.

LinkedIn has two main ad types a company can use for promotion:

  • Custom made ads
  • Sponsorship of existing organic content

Depending on which way you want to approach advertising, we can gauge interest based on a number of different criteria. Some of the main types include:

  • Companies by name, category or size
  • Individuals by their job title or category
  • Users based on their location
  • LinkedIn groups
  • Age & Gender

What You Can Expect From Our Service

We successfully help companies to advertise on LinkedIn by helping to define the varying audience type one can go after, what the best practices for promoting ads on the channel are, what types of ad work best based on the situation and what can be expected as a return based on ad budgets.

The End Results

Bolstering leads from individuals and companies you want to attract.

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