You may be a complete expert or a novice at looking at Google Analytics for your website.  We can help to educate those who need this to understand exactly what it is telling you.  If you know what your website is currently doing then you can understand if it is working towards your business goals.

We also help you to define specific online goals like:-

  • getting people to a certain page, like a contact us page
  • getting people to complete a transaction such as buying something
  • decreasing bounce rate (people exciting from your website)
  • increasing conversion (from one point to another)

One we know the goals we can report on the results.  We tell you this along side what we have been doing to make the improvements to your site every month.  This lets you see the actual actions alongside the results and this speaks for itself.

All of the above is useless unless we know where you are taking your business!

We attend meetings with you to work out exactly what your business needs and wants to achieve. Attending your actual locations can be really useful for us to understand how your business works.  If you’re a new business or are new to online and have not fully defined your online strategy then we can help to facilitate this through workshops.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:-

  • Do you want more sales on line?
  • Is your site a brand site and you don’t sell online?
  • Do you work in leads that convert to sales?
  • What other marketing do we need to fit in with such as TV, Radio etc?
  • What does success look like for you online in the next year, 2 years etc?
  • What are your companies aspirations?

All of the questions we ask you are tailored to your company but the answers are what really tailors our approach to your marketing so that we are being led by your business and the direction it wants to take.

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